Jan 3rd, 2022

Saturday's kundalini session will be adjusting the 7th chakra for mother earth & humanity

Dear family of love and light, thank you for the powerful kundalini session we had on New Year's day. The Divine says that the Divine and the company of heaven and all the participants, together, we have rearranged the third eye chakra for the planet and humanity. The session not only successfully adjusted the third eye for mother earth, it also has rearranged the power center for humanity. Now humanity is being uplifted to the new earth with the third eye being activated. That is the awakened new human race that will live with mother earth and all sentient beings.

Thank you all for your hard work and for bringing the planet and humanity to this enlightened stage of beingness. Gaia and the Divine are very grateful for the light work.

Next Saturday, we will adjust the seventh chakra for mother earth and humanity. It will be the last one in this series and a powerful one. Once we finish the last one of the chakra rearrangement series, the Divine says that the planet and humanity will have all new earth design chakras being positioned and activated, and the New human race blueprint is going to be available for humanity for ascension purposes.

Please join us for this final activation and remapping session of the seven chakras. Here is the registration link for your convenience.


Thank you. Divine blessings to you always.

Linda Li. So it is.

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