Jan 6th, 2024

Remapping process will enter a serious phase in the next few months

Dear family of love and light, Gaia and the Divine have a message for the light workers.

The Divine says at this moment, per Gaia's request and the need of Gaia's ascension plan, the Divine and the company of heaven have started another clearing effort. And this time, the clearing effort mainly focuses on America. Both land and souls in America are going through a deep clearing process.

The Divine says since Gaia has officially started her rebuilding process, the planet and humanity have been requested by Gaia to make changes and work with Gaia's rebuilding process. Gaia had her remapping process designed a long time ago, and after entering the year of 2024, Gaia has begun the process. According to her schedule, the remapping process will enter a serious phase in the next few months. And that is to say, the planet and humanity have only a short period of time to prepare and be educated. The Divine and the company of heaven, per Gaia's request, are busy working out solutions for the remapping process so that the planet and humanity can have a way to manage the process.

The Divine says that Gaia has started her remapping process in America and that is her design. According to Gaia's design, America will have huge changes and these changes will come soon. That is why the Divine and the company of heaven have started the implementation of the Divine government so that the Divine and the company of heaven can help with the process and the world governments will have a way to help with the process through the Divine government.

The Divine says since Gaia has America first for the remapping process, and that means that America needs to be ready for the process, and the Divine government needs to be ready for the process. After consulting with Gaia and the planet, the Divine has started a clearing effort to clear America, both land and souls in America. Per Gaia's design, America is the land of the Divine and the company of heaven and America was designed to be the modern day holy land for Gaia's ascension purpose. Souls in America are all Divinely selected and Divine sent. Light workers in America have been trained and know how important it is to incarnate in America.

Now, because of the old densities that have deeply interfered with America and some areas in the country that are in need of deep clearing. Also, some souls in America have been deeply impacted by the old densities and are now up against Gaia's ascension. Gaia says that is why America needs deep clearing so that Gaia's ascension plan can move forward smoothly.

This clearing effort has been requested by Gaia. According to her design, Gaia asks the Divine and the company of heaven and light workers to do a thorough clearing of the land and souls in America to completely remove the old densities in the land and in souls in America. The Divine has started this clearing process now so that the process can be done quickly and satisfy Gaia's rebuilding schedule.

The Divine says right now, Gaia is asking lightworkers for help. The Divine says because America has diverse groups of souls and different soul groups have different make ups. That means that the clearing of different soul groups needs different skills and expertise. Per Gaia's records, there are skillful light workers available on the planet, and their skills are needed right now. That is why Gaia is asking for help. Gaia says that it is time for light workers to pinch in. This clearing effort is time sensitive. And light workers are needed. Gaia has sent out clarion calls and in the hope that light workers will respond and help with this endeavor.

The Divine also encourages light workers to come and help with this clearing process. America is the holy land for Gaia's remapping process and it is the seat of the Divine government. It needs to be thoroughly cleaned so that the Divine government can be established and Gaia's rebuilding process can begin smoothly.

The Divine is urging light workers to bring your skills and expertise and come and help Gaia and this clearing process. The Divine says particularly light workers who are currently in America, the Divine is calling you. Gaia needs your help. And America needs your skills and expertise. Give a helping hand to America and help Gaia so that Gaia can move forward with her ascension schedule quickly and the planet and humanity will have a smooth remapping process.

Thank you for your love and light and your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Divine love for you always.

Linda Li and Gaia, the Divine and the company of heaven. So it is.

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