Jan 6th, 2024

Gaia is calling powerful light workers for help

Dear family of love and light, Gaia has asked the Divine and light workers for help.

The Divine says that Gaia's clearing effort has been going on. Thanks to light workers, there are a huge number of light workers who have heard the clarion call and joined Gaia's clearing America effort. As a result, the United States has been deeply and thoroughly cleared. Land and souls in America have been cleared . Gaia and the Divine are very grateful for the help. Gaia is indeed very thankful.

The Divine says since the clearing process has moved onto different areas of the planet. Europe is the focus right now. The Divine, the company of heaven and light workers are working tirelessly to clear Europe, country by country, areas by areas, both land and souls in Europe are going through this clearing process. The Divine says once the clearing is over, Gaia needs to transmute the old energies that have been collected through this clearing effort. The Divine says since the amount of transmutation work is gigantic, and Gaia needs help with this work.

Gaia has asked light workers to help her with transmutation work before. Per Gaia's records, there are a great number of light workers who have incarnated in different parts of the world and these light workers have capacities for huge amounts of transmutation work. Gaia knows them well. And now Gaia asks these light workers to come forward and help her. Gaia has a great deal of expectations for these powerful light workers and she is waiting for these light workers to join her so that together, they can get this clearing process done quickly. And they can clear location by location.

Per Gaia's report, these light workers were here for the purpose of helping her. Gaia has a great deal of contacts with some of these light workers. She has great love for them. She knows their capacities and she has worked with them in different lifetimes. However, in this lifetime, Gaia has been working alone to transmute the energies and it approves that the work is just too much. She needs some help. Gaia has fond memories of working with these powerful light workers in the past, and Gaia, now, is hoping that these light workers will join her again so that together, they will finish this clearing effort with ease and grace. She also misses these light workers so much and Gaia is looking forward to working with them again.

So the Divine is sending out this clarion call and calling these powerful light workers. Know that Gaia is calling you dear ones. Gaia needs your help and your powerful skills. Please answer the call and join Gaia. Know that Gaia has a great deal of work and she needs help. Gaia also has a great deal of love for you and she wishes to see you again.

Thank you for your powerful love and light and thank you for your contribution to the Divine plan and Gaia's ascension process.

Linda Li, Gaia, the Divine and the company of heaven. So it is.

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