Jan 9th, 2024

Gaia is calling for your help

Dear family of love and light, Gaia's clearing effort has moved onto the African continent today. The Divine says that Africa has a great deal of landmass, and souls in Africa have a long history so that clearing will need light worker's involvement and help.

Gaia and the Divine ask light workers to join the clearing effort and together, the clearing process can be done quickly and thoroughly.

The Divine says during Gaia's clearing process in America, Europe and Asia, there are huge amounts of the old energies that have been removed from the planet. Souls in these regions have been through a deep clearing. Now these regions are much more clearer. Gaia is so pleased with the result and happy that the process is being done so efficiently and smoothly.

Now the process is in Africa. Gaia and our Universal Father are leading the effort. Gaia has tremendous amounts of work ahead of her. She is asking light workers to join her. Particularly the light workers who are located in Africa. Gaia said that Africa has a great deal of land and going through these huge areas of landmass requires time. There are light workers who have the skills and who are local. These light workers can really provide help for her and the clearing process. Gaia asks these light workers to pinch in and actively participate in this clearing process so that together, the clearing job will be done well.

The Divine says in the clearing process, Gaia has identified some areas where huge amounts of the old energies reside. Gaia has decided to make changes so that the old energies can be transmuted. Gaia gives the planet and humanity warnings so that humanity can be aware of the upcoming changes. Gaia says that some of these locations are desperately in need of nature changes and she will trigger the changes in these locations soon after the clearing effort is over. She says that these changes can make these regions easier to live and humans in these regions will be more at peace after the changes.

Gaia says because these changes are large by nature, she has demanded the Divine and the company of heaven to hurry up and get the Divine government going so that the Divine and the company of heaven can help humans in these regions when big changes happen. Gaia has a great sense of urgency and she asks the Divine and the planet to know that she has officially started her remapping process. She has designed it this way and time has come for the remapping process. Gaia asks the planet and humanity to be aware and know that the remapping process is, by all means, a process that humans will need to adapt. It is normal for the planet but for humans, it can be seriously challenging. And humans need to educate themselves and adapt to the process.

There are going to be a lot of natural changes and humanity will need to move around in some regions so that the rebuilding process can be done. Gaia has schedules for the entire process. And she says that the remapping process will start with the United States because she lives there and she designed it that way. Once the remapping for the United States is done, she wants the United States to be an example for the world to follow. Therefore, Gaia asks souls in America to be ready and know that the remapping of the United States will start within months if not shorter. She has all the preparation done already. And after the planet wide clearing effort is over, she will start the remapping process regardless of whether the Divine has done the establishment of the Divine government or not. She says that the planet can no longer wait and so cannot her. She says that it is time. And she needs to start. And she wants the planet and humanity to know that and she gives this message today.

Thank you for your light work and unconditional love for the planet and humanity. Divine blessings to you always.

Linda Li, Gaia, the Divine and the company of heaven. So it is.

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