January 10th, 2022

This Saturday's kundalini session will be focussing on conscious communication

Dear family of love and light, the Kundalini session we had last Saturday was very successful. The session completed the rearrangement and upgrade of the crown chakra of the planet and humanity. Now humanity has all seven chakras activated according to Gaia's new earth design and Gaia and the Divine are very pleased with our work.

From this point on, the new human race template and blueprint has been activated and anchored on the planet. These newly anchored 5th dimensional new human blueprints are available for all souls on the planet. Humanity can access to this new human template for healing and upgrading. Gaia and the Divine are greatly appreciating all the light workers who have done the work to accomplish this great work.

Now, the seven chakras of the planet and humanity have been rearranged based on Gaia's new earth Design. Humanity has been awakened at an energetic level, meaning humanity's kundalini has been awakened through these kundalini sessions. Now is the time for humanity to start the physical rebirthing process and it is time to start the energetic work to maintain and balance the chakras and kundalini energy within each and every one of the souls on the planet. That is the message and the Divine is hoping that the message can be spread to the planet far and fast.

Next Saturday, the Divine has asked Kartar and I to focus on conscious communication. The Divine says that there are a lot of light workers who have the gifts to communicate with the spirit but not yet able to harvest those gifts. And one reason is the lack of training and guidance. The Divine is hoping that through our workshop, some light workers will get what they need and start their channeling and messaging path.

So in this 2 and half hour workshop, Kartar and I will talk about conscious communication. How we speak to ourselves; how we speak to others; matching the communication with the purpose; learning to communicate from chakra to chakra. And how to communicate with our higher self and bring the Divine messages to the planet and humanity.

If you are inspired and if in your soul contract, you are meant to be a spokesperson for the Divine and your soul group, please join us so that the Divine and the company and your higher self can help you and activate you, and together, we move your plan forward.

Here is the registration link for your convenience.


Divine blessings to you.

Linda Li. So it is.

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