Jan 10th, 2024

Gaia has detected huge amounts of the old energies in the United States

Dear family of love and light, Gaia and the Universal Father are currently carrying out a special Divine intervention and operation to clear the United States. The Divine says that the clearing of Europe, Asia and Africa is done to a level that Gaia is confirmed. Now the Divine operation is back to the United States because Gaia has detected huge amounts of the old energies in the United States and now need to be removed.

The Divine says that the Divine intervention is still going on. Gaia has been digging very deep into the planet and getting the energies out. The Divine says because the process is very strenuous. Gaia is asking the light workers to join her so that together, the process can be done quicker.

According to Gaia's design, there are a great number of light workers who currently live in the United States. Gaia says that some light workers have the skills so that the digging can be easier. Therefore, Gaia is calling the light workers in the United States and the ones who have special skills to help her with this project. Gaia says that time is sensitive. Light workers need to heed the call and act now.

The Divine says that clearing of the United States is desperately needed. In order to move the Divine plan forward, the land in the United States needs to be thoroughly examined and cleared. Gaia agreed with Divine's call and now she is working tirelessly to clear the land. The Divine urges light workers to join her and help with this clearing process. Especially the light workers from the United States, Gaia is calling you for help. Please help her and work with her. Know that Gaia has you in her heart. Gaia is your mother. And now is time to give back to her and give her a helping hand.

Thank you for your contribution to the Divine plan and Gaia's remapping process. And thank you for living with the spiritual laws and Gaia's ascension laws. Divine blessings to you always.

Linda Li, the Divine, the company of heaven and Gaia. So it is.

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