January 11th, 2020

Gaia has decided to start the rebuilding phase here in America

Dear children on earth, I am your Divine Mother, the Mother of all creation. Today, I come forward to give you updates. The Divine and the company of heaven have been doing a lot of planning in the last few days. The Divine has learned recently that there are a few light workers who were critical of the Divine plan and now they have been replaced by the other groups of souls. The reason the Divine has decided to remove these few critical light workers is because they have not contributed to the entire Divine plan. Yes, they were advanced light beings, and they carried important Divine missions. But in reality, they were not doing what they were supposed to do, and quite the contrary, they pushed their own ego agendas to the point that they have jeopardized the Divine’s overall plan. That is unacceptable and not tolerated by the Divine. In order for the Divine to move forward with the next step, we do need the light workers to cooperate with the Divine and carry the weight. That is the law. That is required of the light workers. There are no exceptions. If you are a light worker, and your Divine mission has called you, Then there is no reason or excuse that the Divine has to bring the Mission to you and repeatedly asked you to do your task. There is a spiritual law in place for the light workers who have incarnated at this time, and that Divine law requires the light workers to conduct their Divine mission and follow the spiritual laws. However, there are some light workers who have been warned by the Divine to conduct their missions, yet they failed to do so. Eventually, the Divine decided to bring these light workers home. Their missions have been replaced by other souls who are available and capable to help with the vacuum. That is what we, the Divine have done. We will continue to monitor the light workers and make adjustments if it is necessary.

In the days to come, the Divine and the company of heaven, are going to continue the releasing effort. The continents of the Americas are the regions that the releasing will happen mainly. Of course, the repercussions of the releasing happening in America may impact the other parts of the world. That is also reasonable because the planet is all connected. When One part is moving, the rest of the planet may feel it, and some parts may be impacted more. The bottom line is that we, the Divine and your Father God are currently working in the Americas. Gaia wants the United States to be the first to ascend in the next few months, which means that the releasing has to be done in the next few months, so that the United States will ascend as a country and a group. That is why Gaia and the Divine have to work hard here for the releasing to be done so that the Divine will bring the process to a conclusion, and as a result, the land of America will be uplifted and ascended to the 5th dimension. That is the goal and that is what we, the Divine will strive for.

In terms of how much releasing is left and how much time is needed for the United States to successfully ascend, we, the Divine have an estimate, and the result is quite astonishing. There is indeed a lot of releasing that has to happen for the United States to be clear enough to ascend. And the amount of the work is also very challenging. Yes, we have a great numbers of the light workers here, in America. And we have the Divine are headquartered in America. Nevertheless, still, the land of America needs a tremendous amount of the clearing, from the east to the west coast. The central region of the country seems a lot less dense but still needs releasing.

The Divine and the company of heaven, have decided to work in groups. Each group covers a part of the land. Together, we have the entire country covered and the continent too. We Will be in the center for the next few months. Until the land of America has ascended, we, the Divine will put all of our effort on the ascension of the land called America. And the souls on the land, too, will ascend as well.

I love you dear angels on earth, I am Divine Mother. In the upcoming time, we, the Divine will continue the journey on the land of America. Gaia has decided to start the rebuilding phase here in America. She is the one who has the control over where the Divine moves to and the United States is the first country that Gaia chose to start the next phase. Gaia loves America. America is where Gaia incarnated and stayed since her incarnation. Gaia knows the land well and she is eager to have the land healed and ascended. Gaia’s decision has heavily influenced the Divine and the company of heaven. We are here for her. We want Gaia to know that, and that is why the next phase will be directed and managed by Gaia and your Father God. They are the parents of the planet and together, they have the best interest of the planet and humanity. They are ready for the ascension of the planet and human race. They literally cannot wait any longer.

In the next few days and weeks, you are going to see quite a bit of releasing in the land of America. Gaia has already started the releasing process. What Gaia has in mind is the releasing of the past horrors. She has decided to release the past through weather pattern changes, and also the changes in human behaviors and activities in the public arena. The public figures may behave strangely. Some even behave in a way that Gaia would say out of the ordinary. That is because there are souls who have assigned ascension tasks by their higher self to ascend publicly. In other words, their soul mission is to display publicly what their ascension process is Like so that they can teach the masses how to ascend. These souls are the advanced souls. They have carried a great deal of karma for the public. Their mission is critical. Now they have been called. Their time has come. Their time for the ascension is due. Now they need to release the karma for the public to see and eventually to learn so that the public will start the releasing process and ascend. The releasing of these souls can be intense. Stay in the heart dear ones. Being the light for the planet and the souls who are releasing. The planet needs your light. Humanity needs your peaceful presence. Your time has come. Help the planet and humanity dear heart. Know the planet and humanity depend on your light and that is the message. I am your Mother Divine. Go in peace dear angels.

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