January 11th, 2020

They are in the process of awakening

Mother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today with important message. The Divine has decreed that the planet earth has been in a position where souls have been propelled to wake up. Souls on the planet are waking up dear heart. In the process, there are a lot of the reacting going on. Souls act out because inside, their soul mission is propelling them to wake up even though their mind says otherwise. It is the soul that decides and the mind just reacts.

The acting out and the reacting is the prevalent phenomenon on the planet right now. The souls who act out feel that they have legitimate reason to behave the way they do, partially is because that is where their consciousness is. You can not ask someone to act in a certain way if their consciousness is not there yet. Only the consciousness can take souls to where they need to be. The mind can not help whatsoever.

Now, when you encounter the behaviors that are harmful. My advice is to let them behave the way they do, and send them your beautiful love and light to assist their awakening journey silently. They are in the process of awakening. They are acting out without knowing the reason. They have fear and they want the attention so that the fear can be released. Even though, the awakening process can be threatening for some, but at end of the day, they will be alright. It is just the human mind that is trying to protect these souls. The mindís mission is to protect. If the mind is threatened, it behaves very badly. It feels the world is falling apart, even though in reality , it is not the case. So, help the ones who are behaving badly by calming their mind. Once the mind understands that it is just the awakening process, there is no danger and the protective mind will calm down, and in turn, their behaviors can be tamed.

I love you dear heart. I am Mother Mary. I know that some light workers are going through deep releasing. And that can cause a great deal of the reactions and strange behaviors. Just remember dear ones that the process of enlightenment is in earnest and very intense. You may react for no reason. But if you just let it calm down for a moment, let the energies shift and then the process will be over. You all have Achilles heals as human beings, try to give each other space, let the healing done without hurting each other. That is the way to go. I love you dear ones. I am Mother Mary. So it is.

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