December 12th, 2021

New Earth Living

On new earth, it is required by the spiritual Laws that all souls live their lives according to their soul contract and soul purpose. That is to say, all souls have a purpose and soul contract when they incarnate to the planet earth. And every soul needs to fulfill their soul contract and soul mission before they complete their life on earth.

However, in the dense 3rd dimensional world, souls tend to miss their soul missions or delay their soul contracts and they end up coming back to fulfill their previous contracts. And the circle goes on and on, and end only when souls finally ascended to the new earth.

The planet now is transitioning to the new earth. Humanity, too, has ascended to the new earth. New earth is a different vibrational realm. Spiritual laws are strictly deployed and followed. It means all souls on new earth are required to follow the new earth laws. Soul contracts have to be followed and completed for souls on new earth.

Some of us have been following our soul mission and soul contracts and conducting our light work and fulfilling our soul mission. However, there are a great number of light workers and souls who are not following their soul mission and soul contract, and that needs to change.

For some, for various reasons, their soul contract has changed on new earth. And they need to learn about it and know that their soul contract on new earth is different or updated. Once they realize that, they can start their newly updated soul contract on new earth.

For some whose soul contract is the same as before they ascended, meaning they had signed a thorough soul contract before birth so even after the ascension to the new earth, their soul contract is still valid, and they need to continue and finish their soul contract. These souls are in the process of getting ready to continue their soul contract on new earth. The key is to continue.

Souls who have ascended but do not yet know what their soul contract is for the new earth, it is time to meditate on that and figure out what the contract is. the Time ahead is all about following the soul mission and soul contract. the Soul contract is your guide for life on new earth. Where you live, what you do, and how you proceed are designed according to the soul mission and soul contract. It is essential that you know your soul mission and start it according to the soul contract. The way forward for all souls is according to spiritual laws, based on soul contracts. And all souls are required to obey the spiritual laws. No exceptions. That is the way new earth was designed and humanity has to follow.

Divine blessings to you.

Linda Li.

All Rights Reserved.