January 13th, 2020

The Divine and the company of heaven are currently working to spread the ascension light

Dear children on earth, I am your Divine Mother, the Mother of all creation. I come today to give you a quick update. The Divine and the company of heaven are currently working to spread the ascension light and to make sure that the planet has the ascension Rays evenly, and the entire planet will have the chance to ascend. Due to the different locations and different distributions of our light workers, some regions are filled with the Divine light. And there are regions though, that need a lot more of the ascension Rays and the Divine is working to either bring more light workers to the regions, or, send more light rays intensely and focused so that the rate of the planetary ascension will be even throughout the entire planet.

Now, the planet is at a position that the ascension Rays normally reach the planet very quickly, Although some regions get the Rays quicker than others. But overall, the planet has indeed received the intense ascension Rays evenly in most parts. However, there are a few places on the planet that seem to have a hard time absorbing the ascension Rays. Gaia is puzzled by it. The Divine needs to figure out why it is the case. Gaia has a fascinating makeup. The entire planet has such a diverse environment and some regions can be so different from others. We, the Divine have the technology to distribute the light evenly. And that is what we might need to do shortly. Other than that, the planet wide ascension is going well dear ones. We, the Divine are watching the progress with great delight.

I love you dear angels on earth. I am your Mother Divine. Currently, your Father God has been working nonstop to promote the ascension of the United States. He and Gaia have determined that the land of America has to ascend fast so that the Divine can have the Divine plans working out on time. The ascension of America can be reached at a reasonable speed, and at Divine’s estimate, before the spring equinox, America could ascend, and that is our goal at the moment.

Gaia desperately wants America to ascend. Gaia needs America to ascend and partially it is because America is where Gaia resides. She wants the land to be healed and clean. She needs the cleanness so that the land of America will be a better home for Gaia and the souls on the land.

Right now, from the Divine’s perspective, the land of America is quite intensely uneven, meaning the old energies are not evenly buried. Some areas are very polluted. Others not much and that unevenness is the concern for Gaia. She knows that if the releasing happens intensely, due to the uneven distribution of the energies, America could experience damages which may cost a lot of the human lives. For that, Gaia has worked with the Christ to find the solutions.

Whatever Gaia and your Father have decided to do next dear ones, the Divine is going to support their methods and support their great effort. The bottom line is that the planet needs liberation. Humanity needs to survive and the way to the survival of the planet and humanity is through ascension. That is the bottom line. The planet has been through enormous amounts of the upheavals throughout the history. It is just now that the human race has grown so gigantic and humanity has occupied the entire planet, and that makes the planetary ascension challenging. Ascension needs management and that management has to come from the Divine and the company of heaven so that the Divine can move the populations around if there is a need. And the process also can be controlled in the sense that reduces the damage.

I have asked Gaia and the Christ to get the process going. regardless where the bottleneck is, we, the Divine have the determination, and the ascension of the planet needs to move forward and move fast. The planet no longer has the strength to wait, and the energies are working so deep into the planet and human psyche that if the ascension does not happen fast, the planet and humanity will really have a hard time to be in this environment. The planet needs to move upward so that the planet and humanity will have a chance to feel relief and have breathing room. That is why we, the Divine strongly suggest the upward movement is needed and there is no more time to wait.

I love you dear heart. I am your Mother Divine. Go in peace dear angels. So it is.

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