Jan 14th, 2024

Gaia is calling the light workers for help

Dear family of love and light, Gaia and Universal Father led planetary clearing has been completed. The Divine says that the clearing has made a huge difference. The planet is much cleaner and humans have also been thoroughly cleared from unwanted energies. Gaia and the Divine are very pleased with the result.

The Divine says after the clearing, the planet has been pretty quiet and peaceful. Gaia and the Divine were able to push the Divine plan forward. Gaia was very happy about it. However, the Divine says since the Divine and the company of heaven have pushed a huge amount of the Universal laws and Gaia ascension laws into the planet. One result of the installation of the spiritual laws in the planet is that there are a lot of hidden energies are now bubbling up around the planet. And Gaia asks the Divine to take care of the situation.

The Divine has consulted with Gaia and the company of heaven. And Father and Gaia have decided to take actions to deal with these energies. Because of huge amounts of the energies and a lot of places where these energies are coming up from the depths of the planet, Gaia and Father are calling the light workers to pinch in and help with this clean up effort.

The Divine says currently, the clean up process has already started. Father and Gaia are leading the effort and started in the United States. Eventually the effort will cover the entire planet. The Divine calls light workers from different parts of the planet to help with the process. Gaia has a significant number of light workers on the planet right now, and she calls these light workers to answer the call and join the effort so that together, the clean up process can be completed quickly.

The Divine says since the process is in the United States right now, the Divine calls light workers in the United States to join the Father and Gaia to get the process going. Gaia also wants light workers to go with the process. In other words, Gaia asks light workers to go with her and the Father to do the repair work around the planet till it is completely done.

Thank you for your light work and unconditional love for the planet and humanity. Divine blessings to you always.

Linda Li, Gaia, the Divine and the company of heaven. So it is.

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