Jan 16th, 2024

The Divine has launched latest version of the Divine plan for time ahead

Dear family of love and light, the Divine has a quick message for you.

The Divine has put all parts of the Divine plan for the second coming and Gaia's remapping process together, and the Divine has launched this updated Divine plan today.

The Divine says since there are different parts of the overall Divine plan have changed in recent months, and particularly last year when there were a lot of ups and downs happened to the Divine plan and the planet in general, the Divine has reorganized the overall Divine plan so that the Divine plan is now reflecting on where things are on the planet in general, especially the light worker community and humanity's ascension status.

The Divine says after the reorganization and revaluation of the Divine plan, the Divine has put the latest version of the Divine plan together along with Gaia's remapping plan. Now this bundle of the overall Divine plan has taken off and makes the debut for the upcoming time and usher in a new era and new chapter for the planet and humanity.

The Divine says in this newly updated Divine plan, there are parts of the plan which are from the past and now will continue to be the main theme for the time to come. The Divine plan for the second coming, the establishment of the Divine government and Gaia's ascension process is all the same as before. There may be changes and updates here or there, but overall is the same as originally designed. However, the Divine says that there are some newly developed plans that the Divine has added to the buddle for the purpose of educating humanity. The Divine says that humanity desperately needs to know the truth and Gaia ascension related information. This type of information is needed so badly by humans and that is why the Divine has added this type of information to the overall Divine plan.

In this latest version of the Divine plan, Gaia's remapping process has been added to the buddle. Gaia has been busy making it clear for the planet and humanity to understand. Now Gaia's remapping plan has been added to the Divine plan and agenda for time to come. The planet and humanity will be able to experience Gaia's remapping process in time to come. In other words, Gaia's remapping process has officially begun. Gaia is pleased with the plan and now she is eager to get started.

The Divine says that one thing new in the latest Divine plan is humanity's ascension process. From this point on, humanity's ascension process will be the focus of the Divine and the company of heaven. Before, the Divine and the company of heaven have been mainly focusing on the ascension of light workers and souls who are ready. However, now the focus will be on the masses and the process of Gaia's mass ascension. The Divine says that the process has reached a point where mass ascension has reached, and humanity needs Divine attention. Mass ascension has become the focal point from this point on. The Divine and the company of heaven will give more attention to humanity's ascension this year and beyond and that is the new development.

The Divine says that the overall Divine plan for the time ahead has taken off. That means that the planet has ushered in a new era. Humanity's awakening has reached a new point. Gaia's remapping has started. Time ahead will be exciting and also can be challenging. The Divine has great deal of expectations for the year ahead, and the Divine asks light workers to keep up the good work and keep up with the Divine plan and Gaia's remapping process. Together, the Divine plan prevails.

Thank you for your great work. Divine love and blessings to you always.

Linda Li, Gaia, the Divine and the company of heaven. So it is.

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