Jan 18th, 2024

Gaia has triggered big changes

Dear family of love and light, according to the cleanup effort and Gaia's report, the planet finally is freed from the old energies and Gaia has completely removed the old energies and now Gaia's new earth has become her home and humanity's true planet. Gaia and the Divine and the company of heaven are extremely pleased with all of the clearing effort and hard work of millions of light workers and light beings. The planet is free at last.

The Divine says since the planet has been cleared from the old energies. Gaia has significant work to do in time to come. Gaia has asked the Divine to put her remapping process in the Divine agenda, and now her remapping process has officially begun and her remapping process is also in the overall Divine plan.

The Divine says since the planet is now cleared. Humanity's ascension has been on agenda for a while. According to Gaia's ascension schedule, now is supposed to be the time for the planet and humanity to go through major shifts. However, the Divine has other things to take care of, therefore, humanity's mass ascension has been delayed. Now, Gaia feels that it is time for humanity to shift. It is on her schedule, humanity and Gaia are ready. So Gaia insists to trigger the mass ascension for humanity.

The Divine has agreed with Gaia's decision and is getting ready to trigger the mass ascension for humanity. The Divine says because it is a major shift and therefore, it is a good practice to give the planet and humanity a warning. Gaia has agreed and now Gaia is sending warnings to the planet and humanity. She says that it is her design, and it is time for the mass ascension and great shift again. Therefore, she has already triggered the shift. She wants the planet to know that the shift is coming. She has done the trigger.

The shift can be a large one. Some regions of the planet will have natural changes per her design. Gaia says that mass ascension is the ascension of the planet. When the planet shifts, natural changes happen. That is the way the planet is. Gaia asks the planet and humanity to hear her message and know that it is time. Changes are coming to some parts of the planet. And getting ready for the changes.

According to Gaia's survey that she has done in recent clearing process, there are some areas of the planet where old energies were in control for a long time. Humans and landmass and waters in these areas are contaminated so deeply and badly and Gaia deemed beyond repair. That is why Gaia has triggered huge shifts in these regions so that the energies can be removed and the planet will be settled once the old energies were shifted out.

Gaia says that she has also warned the Divine about humans in these regions. She says because they have been being penetrated by old energies so badly and the consequences are severe. Gaia wants the planet and humanity to be aware of this fact, and know that there are soul groups that have huge damages caused by old energies hidden right beneath their land and it will be greatly challenging to repair these regions and souls in these regions. That is something that the planet and humanity need to be aware of. And Gaia has warned the Divine times after times about it. Repair work is greatly needed. The Divine and the company of heaven have heard Gaia's warnings. And there are plans that are being developed. And the planet and humanity will need to cooperate with the Divine and the company of heaven in order for the repair work to be done.

However, in today's message, Gaia wants the planet and humanity to know that she has triggered a few large changes for the purpose of letting go of the old energies and humanity's ascension. She says once these changes are done, there will be more in the picture so that regions on the planet can be cleared. And that is her plan for now.

Thank you for your light work. Divine blessings to you always.

Linda Li, Gaia, the Divine and the company of heaven. So it is.

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