January 30th, 2020

Divine Mother on the remapping process of Mother Earth

Dear children on earth, I am your Mother God. The current situation on the planet is quite intense. The ascension of the planet is going well. Humanity definitely has come to a point where the ascension of the masses is going strong. The mass awakening is happening. The Divine is happy to see the awakening of the masses and that is the prettiest picture for the Divine and your Father God.

Now, the planet has been anchored in a sound and safe place. The vibration is high and the planet seems to have relaxed. Humanity, too, enjoys the vibration and feels the ascension Rays and awakening to their Mother’s love. Your Mother East has such a relaxing moment and Gaia feels happy about where the planet is, and how fast humanity is awakening. The overall Divine plan is working well dear angels.

I love you dear ones. I am your Mother Divine. In the latest examination of the planet and human race, your Father has found that the planet, right now, is very much in need of overall reorganization and rebuilding. The reason that the planet is in such a desperate position has to do with the lack of maintainness over millennium. The planet earth has the artificial design from the beginning. In order for the planet to be suitable for human race, your Father has recreated the planet earth so that the planet can support human life, and, animals too, are part of organization so that the life on the planet is diverse and feasible for the soul growth.

In the beginning when the planet was created, your Father has realized that the human race needs a lot more elements to be able to live on the planet. So he has gone through a tremendous amount of the work and redesign, so that eventually, he has created this perfect formula, on the planet, for the human race. The entire creation process took a couple of million years. And during this time, the planet was quite barren and nothing was quite suitable for life. And throughout this process, the planet has to go through quite a few times of creating, destruction and creating again. Till eventually, your Father was able to find a perfect atmosphere and ecosystem for the planet and the starting of life. In these early stages of the creation process, the planet was nothing but a laboratory for the experiments only. Your Father and his team has come and gone over eons of time. Your Father has an ideal in mind. He loves this beautiful planet and he wanted to use it for the playground for the angels in heaven. That is why he got on a creating project for a long time, and eventually, he actualized his dream and created this beautiful place for the Divine to come and learn. For that, we, the Divine have enormous appreciation and admiration for your Father God. Because his amazing creation, the angels have a place to incarnate and grow.

Over the mellinium, the planet has changed in the sense of climate and atmosphere. When that happened, your Father would come and reorganized so that the planet could be suitable for life again. So that has been the way the Divine and your Father manage this planet. As you can see, the planet seems to be in a position for another around of the reorganization and remapping. This time though, the task seems quite daunting. It is partially because the planet has grown so gigantic and the population alone, is enormous. In order for the Divine and your Father God, again, to recalibrate the planetary systems and make the planet suitable again for human life, the process is going to be different. This time around, the task is going to be very demanding. The planet has to be safe and sound. Human lives need to be consistent. And the work has to be done in a way that not only keeps the planet safe, but also reserves the human race. The process sounds so daunting and unimaginable. However, since this time around, your Father has brought all of his entourage. The entire universe has been brought here by your Father God. He is determined. He has the confidence that the process will be a successful one. He has all the resources here. He also has brought a tremendous amount of the light workers to help with the process. Now everything is in place. Your Father God is ready for the unimaginable endeavor. What an amazing journey ahead.

Since the Divine has been ready for Gaia’s next phase, your Father is also ready. After having the last call of essential light beings, it seems to me that all the elements are ready. And it is time to start the recalibration of Mother Earth.

What it means to you dear ones is that, the planet is going to go through remapping process. And this remapping process has started. The Divine has started so is the company of heaven. What the first thing is the rebuilding of Gaia’s ocean waters and ocean floors. The ocean has been deeply contaminated. The water is no longer healthy for the marine life and humanity. The main thing the rebuilding process will do is to reorganize the ocean waters and elements in the water. In the process, there are going to be a lot of the remapping of water ways and ocean geographic regions. Some ocean areas may become landmass. And some landmass is going to become ocean beds. After the reshuffle, Gaia’s new ocean waters will be replenished and become healthy again. New marine lives will be introduced to the planet. Gaia has decided to bring them here for the new Earth. That is the first phase of the entire process. The planet has a tremendous amount of the ocean waters and that means that this step is going to take some serious time. Gaia has emphasized that she wants the ocean to be rebuilt and that rebuilding needs to happen quickly so that Gaia’s mountains and landmasses can sustain themselves for the duration. Gaia knows that her mountains have the need to be repaired and that need needs to be honored sooner rather than later.

However, the Divine plan is that Gaia’s oceans are the first to be rebuilt. Once that is done, the Divine is going to move onto the repair of Gaia’s mountains and inland regions. Gaia is fine with the plan. And she cannot wait to get started. She knows how much the planet is in danger and how much of the work there is ahead of us. She just wants to get on with it.

Being the Mother of the planet and humanity, Gaia has totally authority. She has the Divine behind her and she has the support. In order for the process to be successful, Gaia and the planet will need a lot of the corporation from humanity. Countries on the landmasses May have a little time. But the ocean based and ocean front countries have an immediate need to corporate. The planet wide migration may have to happen shortly. Some countries may have to be emptied out for considerable amount of time. Others may need to move the ocean front citizens away so that the work can be done. All these ocean related work will need countries to corporate so that the damage can be minimized and that is the Divine order.

Once the Divine government comes in, the first thing the Divine government will do is to work with the countries to migrate the populations. Your Father has planned out the process. He has mapped out the regions that have to be emptied out. He also has been working to make sure that the countries that are in the process, are led by the leaders who have the Divine connections ready so that they will recognize your Father God and will be easier to corporate with. The process seems quite gigantic. And your Father God has the plan. We, the Divine will help in whichever way possible.

I love you dear angels on earth. I am your Mother God. In the next few weeks or months, the Divine will continue to bring the Divine plans to the planet. We, the Divine have the urge to educate the planet and humanity so that in doing so, the planet can be prepared for the upcoming time. It is an unprecedented endeavor for the planet and humanity. We, the Divine understand that. But under the circumstance, Gaia has the authority over everything else. The planet is in urgent need and that need has to be honored. Being the guardian of the planet, your Father and I will do whatever it needs to make sure the process is a success, and humanity will be able to survive this grand endeavor. I love you dear ones. I am your Divine Mother. Go in peace.

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