January 7th, 2020

Light workers are being called to shine

Dear children on earth, I am your Mother God. I have news for you. The Divine has begun Gaiaís restoration phase. Your Father has decided to move onto the next phase, the restoration phase and Gaiaís rebuilding process. We have already started the process. Because Mother Earth has arrived at the higher realm. She is now resting comfortably. And the entire planet and human race were being uplifted. And that has been accomplished just in the last couple of days.

Since the planet is now in a safe place. Humanity has been uplifted as well. Gaia and the Divine wanted to start the next phase so that Gaiaís physical body can be restored to her original design, and the human race will be once again, going back to the original blueprint. Humanity will have full connection with the Divine within. That is the original design for the human race. And now that design will be actualized in this endeavor. Your Father has that goal and now he is realizing that goal with the end in mind. In other words, your Fatherís goal is finally coming to fruition. For that, we, the Divine and the company of heaven, literally cannot wait for the result to be realized. Humanity is indeed awakening. Gaia and Mother Earth indeed have done with the 3rd dimension, now is time to finish up and move forward.

I love you dear angels. I am your Divine Mother, the Mother of all creation. I am here with you dear ones. I have come to the planet for the purpose of getting Gaiaís ascension done on time and help with the process. Now since the restoration phase has begun, considering how much work is ahead of us. And how much more work waiting for your Father God, after consulting with your Father, together, your Father and I have decided to get the process going, which means you, dear heart, are going to start your part of the work as well.

Due to where the planet is and how strong the Divine energies are bombarding the planet and humanity, we donít really have much time. The impact of the energies is imminent. The planet is filled with the Divine light and that means the powerful releasing is coming. That also means that Gaia needs your light and your help.

Mother Earth is coming to a point that releasing has to happen fast dear ones. And the impact of the release will be felt throughout the planet. Humanity may be in a surprise or a shock and souls are going to look for guidance. Your brothers and sisters need your hands holding dear ones. It is time to help your brothers and sisters. Your light is needed. Help wherever you can and assure your brothers and sisters that it is Gaia who needs this process. This process is vital for the survival of planet and human race. The Divine and the company of heaven, are here to help. The process is going to be managed by your mighty Father God. He is the Father of the planet and human race. He has the knowledge and he has great love for each and every one of the souls on the planet. He is the designated leader for this time. He is in the process of coming to the public and once the Divine has come, he is going to appear and become the leader for this new age. And that time is approaching dear heart. The time that your Father comes and leads the ascension process is indeed approaching.

Now, even though your Father is not yet on the position to lead in your reality yet, but energetically, he is the one Who is leading all the effort right now. His ascension team already started the leadership role. Due to the intensity of the process and destructive nature of the remapping phase, we, the Divine and your Father Christ have come to the planet and lead the entire operation. Your Father is the one who runs the entire process. He has hand picked a team of light workers so that together, they can make sure the process is a smooth one. Your Father has done this before. He has created this planet with Gaia. Every time when the planet needs this kind of reshuffle, your Father would come and lead the effort. He knows the process well. He also knows who to pick and how much work there is. The entire project has been designed by your Father. Now he just needs to get it going, one step at a time, and eventually, all the steps will be accomplished. Gaia will have a new physical body. Humanity will have a brand new home. That is the process that your Father and the Divine will work on in the next a couple of decades. We, the Divine have enough time for the process to be completed. And your Father and I will do whatever is needed to accomplish the process before we departure. I love you dear heart. I am your Mother God. Go in peace dear angels. So it is.

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