January 8th, 2020

The planet needs a permanent solution in terms of the health of the planet

Dear children on earth, I am your Divine Mother God. I come to share news with you all. I know some of my angels who have difficulty to grasp the idea of restoration of Mother Earth. Even though, the planet is in such a critical condition. And yet, the souls on the planet still have the belief that the planet is an object. Humans just live on the planet without meaningful interactions. Humanity can utilize all the elements and minerals and animals and plants the planet offers without the recognition that these “things” have lives on their own. Animals are intelligent beings. Some animals are here for the purpose of helping Gaia’s ascension. They are Divine sent gifts. They have missions and they are devoted to Gaia and Mother Earth. Plants too, have sentiments. Some flowers are here to help the ascension as well. Because the planet needs to be helped and rescued, The Divine has sent a lot of different species here for the purpose of healing the planet and get the ascension going. Minerals as you all know are Gaia’s true existence. They are the core of the planet and human race. They are almost gone because humanity depleted them. The resources that humanity has depleted is astonishing. Now the planet is totally depleted and she is in such a desperate situation. It is indeed a picture that Gaia and the Divine have never anticipated. Now, the planet is in such a need of replenishing and the rebuilding process can take a lot of time and effort.

In terms of how much of the repair the planet needs, your Father and Gaia have done a thorough examination of the planet and the result is extremely disturbing. The entire planet has been depleted to the point that almost every inch of the planet needs replenished and rebuilding. The mountain ranges are almost all been damaged and depleted in terms of elements and chemicals. Gaia’s core too, needs a brand new makeup because the damage is irreversible. Gaia’s ocean waters are in such a dire condition that the marine lives have to be rearranged, and some have to be repaired due to the illnesses. Humans too, are in such a deteriorating situation that physical illnesses are almost covered all regions of the planet and no race is escaped. Just the physical illnesses alone will take a couple of decades to eradicate and being totally removed from the planet, not mentioning the emotional and mental illnesses. Humanity has come down to such a degree that the entire human race has to be healed. The entire human race needs healing in all areas of the bodies and that is where humanity is today.

After consulting with the planet and Gaia, your Father and I have come up a plan for the next phase and beyond. The planet needs a permanent solution in terms of the health of the planet. The planet needs some form of protection and guardianship so that certain things on the planet will always be off limits from humanity. Plants and animals too, need protection from humans. And that also has to be addressed to the planet and humanity. Animals are here for a purpose. Not all the animals are eatable. They have instincts. They are souls and they have missions just like humans do. Instead of killing animals, living with them and try to understand them, know there is no animal that doesn’t have a soul. They are all creation of the Divine and they are just happened in animal form. That is all. Learn to live with them and leave the animals alone.

Besides the planet herself, the Divine recognized that Mother Earth indeed has so much to offer. Even now, she is in such a desperate situation and poor health, yet, still, human consumption is astonishing. Every day, the planet needs so much food for consumption and just the food alone, depletes Mother Earth rather quickly. In the future, Humanity has to be creative and find ways to grow crops and nurture themselves but not depleting the planet. That requires new technology and the Divine certainly can bring the technology to the planet so that the immediate needs of food can be taken care of.

Water, too, has to be rearranged so that the planet will have healthy water for the entire human race. Certain areas that lacks water, may need to migrate. The planet has so much of the water reserved and it ought to be able to feed all lives on the planet. Water shortage is a man made issue, and in the future, the population has to consider the water sources and how to use the them and where to locate the sources.

In terms of the planet herself, she needs a total restoration. Her physical body is in such a position that every thing has to be repaired. The rebuilding process needs a lot more of the expertise and time. The Divine has to rearrange our resources to accommodate the rebuilding phase. There are maybe more of the light workers needed. And the Divine will bring more light workers and Divine expertise so that the restoration phase can be done in a few of the decades.

Now, even though the process has been designed previously, after the survey the Divine conducted lately, Your Father and I are convinced that the process is going to take a lot more time and a lot more effort and expertise. The current expertise is not enough. The Divine has to bring new wave of experts and skills in the near future. Indeed, the process turned out to be a huge one. The Divine has underestimated Gaia’s damage. Mother Earth literally needs a whole new body. And that is something we didn’t anticipate.

I love you dear ones. I am your Divine Mother. In the near future, your Father and the Divine will collect the data and come up a detailed plan so that the Divine will have a new blueprint, our light workers will be able to understand what is ahead of us, and how much work is needed from our light workers. It is going to be a long period of time dear ones. Gaia’s restoration phase can take a few decades and may be even longer. The Divine has to see what that means for every soul on the planet, and we will eventually come up a new plan. Go in peace dear angels. I am your Mother Divine. So it is.

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