July 1st, 2022

The planet and humanity are going through a deep clearing and cleansing

Dear family of love and light, the energies have picked up the speed dramatically lately. Per Divine plan, the planet and humanity are going through a deep clearing and cleansing. Deep rooted energies have been dug out and now are on their way to being removed or transmuted. All soul groups and countries are going through this process. The plan is to make sure that when the Divine starts the Divine government, the dense low energies will be totally removed or transmuted so that the Divine operations can be smooth.

So if you are going through releasing or cleansing, please know that you are not alone. Light workers and humanity alike, are going through the same process. The process is very critical and it needs a great deal of love and light. That is why the Divine and the company of heaven, are all on duty and helping with this process. The Divine also gave the planet and humanity special dispensation so that the process can be smooth and efficient.

The Divine gave the special tools of holy fire and the Ying Yan Bagua symbol of Daoism to help with this powerful timely healing event. The Divine encourages our light workers to take advantage of this Divine dispensation and use it to heal thyself. Know that the holy fire has been infused with the Source energies. Its power has been multiplied by hundreds-fold if not thousands. The fire now can transform the most negative energies that exist on earth. So please use it wisely and feel free to use it.

The Ying Yang Bagua Symbol is the creation symbol. It is a gift from the creator. It transforms all things back to the creator and going through the rebirthing process. The Divine advises light workers to keep it handy and transform the old into new with this powerful rebirthing tool.

The Divine asks light workers to keep up the good work. Know that time is sensitive and Gaia's plan is waiting. The next phase is in the corner and waiting. Once we have this special clearing operation done, the Divine operation will move forward.

In the United States, this weekend is a holiday weekend. The population here celebrates July 4th as Independence Day. The Divine asks me to keep working on the clearing. And we will take a break from Kundalini Yoga session. The class will return on July the 9th.

Thank you for your light work and dedication. Divine love and blessings to you all.

Linda Li, and the Divine. So it is.

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