July 8th, 2020

The Divine has activated Age reversing process

Dear angels on earth, I am your Mother God. I come today with news. Since the full moon eclipse weekend, we, the Divine have been busy bringing in the Divine energies to the planet to prepare Gaia and humanity for the restoration phase. What the intense energies are doing is to uplift the consciousness and make sure that the planet and all souls on the planet are ready for the next phase energetically. You may feel the energies strongly. Some may even feel that the energies are a little too much for their body. However, the energies are designed to serve every one at the level that is suitable for their body and soul. Some may feel overwhelmed by the energies and the process, and that is understandable. The process is supposed to be intense and that is the nature of physical ascension.

There are some souls who are having difficulties with the energies right now. There could be multiple reasons for that. One popular reason is that the physical body has a hard time digesting the incoming light codes, so that the body acts out. The current incoming light codes have a different frequency than normal. It is designed for this time when the planet needs it the most. These light codes are deeply rooted in ancient civilizations and Mother Earth. Once the planet is being activated at the core, these ancient codes come up and start to activate human DNA. The planet wide activation has started. Human ancient DNAs are now being initiated and starting to come online. Once this process is over, there are going to be some light workers who can and will reverse the aging process. Some may even find themselves livIng hundreds years old. Human diseases are going to disappear eventually. And that is all due to this DNA activation.

This process may take some time, especially for souls who have difficulties digesting the light codes. There are light workers, however, who have the memories of the ancient aging process buried in their DNA. These light workers will have an easier time. Their body remembers the process and remembers how. This light worker group will be the first group of souls who will accomplish eternal youth and age reversal. Quite frankly, some of them are getting very close to their Divine eternal blueprint. Once that happens, their physical body will reverse the aging process and their appearances will start to change. They are on their way to become younger and younger. That is indeed very exciting dear angels.

Now, besides the souls who have the memories embedded in their DNA, there are also souls whose design is to reverse aging fast. These souls are the Divine souls who carry your Divine Motherís energies. These souls have the special design and DNA. They have the eternal youth in their DNA. Once their eternal DNA is activated, they start the reversing process very fast. Literally, they can change their appearances in a very short period of time. These souls are now on their way back to eternal youth. Their time has come.

I love you dear children on earth. Times like now are very precious. Take good care of your body. Know That what your body is doing is extremely testing. It needs your loving tender care. Eat the most healthy and high energy food and drink the pure water. Let your body rest and let the light come in. Know these auspicious light codes are a gift for your body. Take care of the body and accept the process as normal. Your DNA knows and let the DNA guide you to eternal youth and eternal health. I love you dear ones. I am your Mother Divine. Divine blessings to you all.

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