July 9th, 2020

The age reversing process is going to be the main task

Dear beloveds, today, we have gone through another initiation for the age reversing process. This particular activation is for the solar plexus and the power of the “I”.

Yes. The power that sits in the solar plexus is enormous. In order for the age reversing process to be a successful one, we need the “I” to be strong and determined. Once the process started, our DNA activated, and the steps we take can be strenuous and sometimes painful or overwhelming. We need our inner strength and power to plow through it. And that power and strength resides in our solar plexus, the power house and the third chakra.

The Divine says that in order for us to have sufficient strength, the Divine has given us more initiations to boost the solar plexus energy and power.

This boost may take a couple of days to feel the effects of it. However, it is a great help for us all to manage the age reversing process.

Besides that, the Divine also started the DNA activation. Some have already done the activation a while ago and these light workers may have the advantage of seeIng the results quicker than the rest of us. The Divine says that it doesn’t matter when you have the initiation, the process is a quick one. The Divine wants the process to be quick and less challenging so that when the autumn season comes, most of the participants will have the initial progress done. And that is the goal the Divine has, Which means in the next couple of months, the age reversing process is going to be the main task for us. In other words, the ones who participate in this age reversing process will go through a lot of activations and initiations in the next couple of months. Our physical body is going to change quite a bit, which means we need to take care of our body and give our body the maximum attention, nutrients and healthy talks. Communication with our body and DNA is needed throughout the process. Remember that our DNA listens to us all the time. Regardless Of whether you remember it or not, we can instruct our DNA with affirmations and self talks. It can be out loud or whispering. The key is to communicate with sincere and loving intent. Our DNA knows what to do and how to translate our intentions, and then instruct the changes needed in order to reverse the aging process.

Our DNA is embedded with a great deal of Divine instructions for the reversing process unless this process is not in your soul contract. Once the Divine activates your soul contract for the age reversing process, the body will automatically start the process and the DNA will be ready for the process.

There are a couple of steps that are needed in order to have a successful process. One step is to have the Divine instruction activated in the DNA. The other step is to have the body ready for the process. For Some light workers, their body needs work before the initiation because some physical bodies have a hard time absorbing the energies for initiation. The energies are designed to activate the process and once the energies are digested, you are on your way to the next step.

However, the Divine says that there are light workers whose body is not working with the Divine energies even though the Divine has increased the vibration for these souls. The energies are having difficulties penetrating to their bodies and as a result, these light workers cannot be activated for the reversing process.

What the Divine will try next is to have these light workers go through a different type of initiation. The difference is that the light codes are more penetrating, that means that the energies are different and the intensity is increased. In order for these light workers to go through the process sound and safe, the Divine has sent in a specialized team to help. This team of experts are here now and ready to help.

I love you dear ones. The age reversing process is a strenuous one. And the end result can be miraculous and amazing. We will have a young, disease free body and that is the promise of the process and hard work. Keep up your good work and Divine love for you all. So it is.

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