July 13rd, 2019

Guan Yin on the increasingly intense changes

Guan Yin says, dear heart, I am Guan Yin. I come today with important news. The Divine has decreed that even though the planet has been doing a great job in terms of releasing Gaiaís pent up energies, still, due to the intensity of the incoming Divine light at the moment, the planet needs more releasing and release fast. In other words, the speed of the release needs to be faster in order for the planet to keep up with the intense energies coming in at this time. We, the Divine have to speed up and Gaia has to release fast so that the planet earth can be in a safety zone, and that is why we, the Divine and Gaia, have decided to increase the speed and the intensity of the releasing effort. That is the news today.

What does that mean for you and the planet at large, you may ask? Dear heart, what I can say is that it means Gaia/Mother Earthís activities will be more intense, and the frenquencies will be more as well. Planet wide, you are going to see more natural changes. And the intensity of the changes will be increased. Mother Nature will have more weather events, earthquakes will be more intense and cover more ground, and the waters will be more fluid. Natural disasters if you may, will be more severe. The planet will have all sorts of natural changes. That is what this message is about. And dear heart, I want you to hear my message, and prepare thyself.

In terms of how much of these changes will impact human lives, and you, as a member of this human family, will be affected one way or the other. It is just a matter of severity. If you live near the earthquake zones, your life could be upside down. It depends where you are located, how much you listen to the Divine guidance, how prepared you are, and how willing you are to act on these preparations.

However, if you live in an area where Gaiaís ascension has not yet started, your life might be pretty much the same. You wonít have to be impacted much. You can continue to do your daily duty without putting too much alertness into this.

There are some regions on the planet that the Divine had designed to be the buffer while Gaia is going through rough changes. There are light workers who are located in these buffer regions, and the Divine wants you to stay connected and stay healthy, and know that you are the anchor for the planet. You are needed to be the anchor and you are needed to stay in peace and calm. Let the other areas go through the changes and donít involve in the dramas. Your goal is to be the peace for Gaia and humanity at these historical times. You are desperately needed. You are the anchor of peace and calm. All the planet goes through changes, but you, actually go through something just opposite. All we want you to do, at this period of time, is to stay calm, be the peace for others and for the planet. So, listen to the Divine guidance dear heart, stay in peace, calm down the planet and humanity. You have the light. And you are tasked to do just that. It is your Divine duty to calm the planet in the storms and you are needed now. Conduct your mission and save the planet if you will. It is your Divine mission and it is time to take your mission seriously dear heart. We, the Divine, need you. Your brothers and sisters need you. Stay in the heart, let the storms pass. You have what it takes to be the calm and peace for others. You are that peace and calm yourself. It is in your DNA, access that and live it. Live the peace and live for the sake of the planet and Gaia.

I love you dear heart. I am Guan Yin. Besides the increase of the release, we, the Divine and Gaia, also want to let the whole planet know that the Christ, the Father of human race has been incarnated. He is walking on the planet right now. He is going to take the lead in this ascension journey. He currently is being prepared, and soon he will emerge and start his leading role. Regardless of your religion, you can be assured that the Father God of the planet, has played a role in the establishment of your religion. He invented all the religions on the planet. It is his love for his children that propelled him to create ways and religions and practices for his children so that eventually, the entire planet and human race can ascend to the 5th dimension. With that goal in mind, the Cosmo Christ, the Divine Father and the Father of the planet, started all the religions. He has successfully ascended himself now, and he is getting ready to lead.

He is the leader of the entire planet. He knew how important it was for him to come and lead Gaia and their children home at this moment of history, and so he came. Now he is going to do just that, bring Gaia home and lead the planet and humanity to the 5th dimension. That is his goal and he is determined to get the job done before he leaves the planet. This is his last incarnation to the planet. So, he will do whatever it takes to fulfill his Divine mission. Know that he is the Father God of the planet. He has the authority over the planet and entire human race. He has all the Divine tools and he is going to use them. The Divine has determined to stand by his side, do whatever he may need and secure the success of his mission. Together, with the help of our light workers, we will prevail. I love you dear heart. I am Guan Yin. So it is.