July 17th, 2020

All Divine sent light workers are now needed to ascend

Dear angels on earth, I am your Mother God, the Mother of all creation. I come today to give you an update.

I know that some of the light workers are having difficulties coping with the incoming light codes and ascension energies. Some even have the idea of giving it up. The energies that are penetrating the planet and the souls on the planet are designed to uplift your consciousness and the vibration of the planet earth. The energies are powerful indeed. And it takes some time for the energies to be absorbed by the planet and humanity. The energies are Divinely designed to give you a chance to ascend.

In order to ascend vibrationally, the human body has to release the unnecessary low dense energies which could be caused by many reasons and trainings, like consuming dense foods, projecting low vibrational thoughts or using chemical medicines or drugs designed for the dense bodies.

The human body is a fine machine. It requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep. Some cultures have a better understanding of the human body and maintenance mechanisms, and the ascension is easier for these cultures. Other societies that have been disconnected with the body and Mother Earth, and their lifestyles have become purely scientific experiments for the pharmaceutical industry and food making industries. And souls in these societies are having difficulties because the ascension is about raising the vibration and only the pure and natural foods can raise the vibration, and souls in these societies hardly have access to natural healthy foods. All the artificial inventions are either detrimental to the progress or delay the ascension. And humanity is now learning that lesson.

The ascension of the planet needs a lot of lifestyle changes for souls throughout the planet. Some souls have the innate connection to their inner light. As result, they have inner guidance and their paths are much smoother. Other souls have different understanding about their ascension journey and that is understandable, Because every soul has their blueprint for the ascension journey.

Now, Souls who are still in the low density are going to have to really speed up their ascension journey. That is their design. The process takes decades for some of you, while it may take only a few years for others. these souls just have a different design, and they have a different body too, at the DNA level. Their DNA have been designed in a way that is suitable for a fast physical ascension. Their ascension journey is a relatively easy one.

The Divine has given these souls the special design so that when the time comes, their ascension journey can be done in the shortest time frame. Their Divine mission has given them a easy pass of the physical ascension process. And currently, these souls are starting to wake up and are starting to ascend.

The Divine has given some of these souls the thumbs up so that they can get their 3D mission done and start the physical ascension. The ones who have this easy pass are mostly the Divine sent light workers. Their Divine mission is so critical that the Divine needs them to stay in the low density till the time comes. When their scheduled time has arrived, these light workers will have the full Divine support. And their ascension journey has Divine’s special compensation so that they too, will ascend on time and enjoy the benefits of ascended beings.

Now, the Divine has given the green light to the last group of these light workers to ascend. In other words, all the Divine sent light workers are now needed to ascend. The ascension of all the Divine light workers have started. Souls in all countries and all fields are now being called. Ascension has become the most important job for all light workers and light beings who have been working in the low density.

The Time has come dear ones. It doesn’t matter what your Divine job is or what stage you are in. Your time for ascension has come. The Divine has activated the special ascension codes for all light workers and now is the time to start. If your mission has been for the planet earth, and you have been working closely with Mother Earth, your journey upward can be a fairly easy one. However, there are quite a number of light workers whose mission is to work in the dense politics and social conditions, and their ascension journey can take a little longer time simply because they have to deal with the society programs and now they need to start with the deprogramming, and that can be challenging.

Regardless of what your role is in this process or in the low density, the ascension of all light workers has started dear ones. Your ascension codes have been activated and that means that you are officially on the path. Yes. Your path may be a simple or easy one. Nevertheless, all ascension paths require work and that work is needed now from all souls. Ascension of the planet has come to a point where it needs full attention from all souls. Now is the time to examine your lifestyle and the ascension process to make sure that your journey upward is a smooth one.

I love you dear ones. I am your Mother Divine. Stay in peace and be the love for all. So it is.

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