July 19th, 2020

The Gathering of the 144,000

Dear angels on earth, I am your Mother Divine. I come today with important news.

Recently, the Divine has decided to move forward with the Divine plan. The plan that your Father God has made over eons ago. Part of the plan right now is to gather the Divine beings. The Divine has decided to start collecting your Fatherís 144,000 warriors who came to the planet with the Cosmos Christ for Gaiaís sake and helping the development of the planet earth. These 144,000 souls are your Fatherís heart. These souls are the core of the development of this beautiful planet. They started with the light and spreading that Divine light to the point that Mother Earth was born.

These souls are not only the ones created the planet, but also brought human race to the planet. One step at a time. One race at a time, in doing so, they have created a diverse planet that is so unique that all the Divine beings are proud. The planet now is truly a jewel in the Cosmos and the proud creation of these amazing 144,000 beings.

When these Divine light workers first came to the planet, with your Father, the planet earth was totally uninhabitable. Once the dust settled, these beings started creation process. What amazing thing is that these beings, of course, always under the direction of your Father Christ, created Gaiaís first life like blueprint and then the second, the third and beyond. And then the creation process just blossomed. The planet just started having all sorts of lives blooming. By the time when the Divine started visiting the planet, Mother Earth already became a full bloom functioning diverse planet with all sorts of sentient beings and lives. The potential was just endless. And the Divine was really indeed amazed by the creation your Father and these 144,000 have created.

Time forward to the now moment, the planet earth has become such an attractive place. Souls from great Cosmos always envy the chances of visiting the planet, and incarnations to Mother Earth have become such a soul growth opportunity. Souls really have to earn the opportunity to come to the planet earth. All heavenly souls are proud if they visited earth or incarnated on the planet even just for a short moment. Mother Earth has indeed become a miraculous destination for the souls throughout the great Cosmos.

The achievements of these 144,000 souls are far beyond the expectations of the Heavens, and now Gaia has successfully ascended, your Father wants the upcoming time to be the recognition time for these 144,000 souls. Their amazing accomplishment needs to be recognized by the planet and humanity. Their recognitions are long overdue.

In order for these souls to be recognized, your Father and the Divine have decided to gather these souls first. The gathering process has been designed by your Father and the Divine. The process may take some time but nevertheless, the Divine has determined to make sure that all of these souls are being recognized and their achievements will be honored by the planet earth. Now, the gathering of these 144,000 has started. Your Father has designed a great team of light workers for the gathering purpose. The 144,000 have been incarnated all over the world. And that means that the gathering location has to be centrally located. The Divine, after consulting with the Christ the Father, has picked the location and the Divine also have the date. However, since the planet is currently going through a huge amount of the changes and upheavals, we, the Divine and your Father are flexible about the gathering time. A change of date may be possible.

However, the gatherings Will happen regardless. The Divine has been working to arrange the gatherings. The souls who are in the first gathering are the ones that have been notified by your Father. Some also have been told by the Divine. The first group of the souls who have been picked are the ones that also carry the critical part of the Divine plan. In other words, the first group of these souls will need to come to the gathering because their mission is calling them. After the gathering, they will start their next mission which is related to the next phase of Gaiaís rebuilding process.

The ones who come to the first Gathering have been notified either by the Divine or by your Father God. These souls have a great deal of work ahead of them. They each carry a part of the Divine plan for your Father God, and they each is Your Father handpicked. These souls have extremely critical mission ahead of them. Their individual mission, and together mission, decides the future of the planet.

Each one of them has been trained by your Father till recently, and now they have graduated from the training. And their next mission is about to begin.

In the next few days and weeks, the Divine is going to focus on getting these first group of the souls into a Facebook group so that we, the Divine will have a way to manage the upcoming first gathering event.

Regardless what the background or country origin these souls have, the Divine gathering has the significance over the differences souls are conditioned to believe. We, the Divine will continue to bring up the human conditions and prejudice so that souls can have a chance to heal at the deepest level so that by the time the Gathering happens, all of these souls will be ready and show up. And at the Gathering, your Father will give these souls their plan and steps for the next phase so that they will be clear about what their next mission is and how they can proceed.

The gathering is a Divinely designed event dear angels. The Divine and your Father are very excited. The Divine is determined to do whatever it takes to bring the souls to the gathering. These souls too, have been notified about the gathering and their soul mission. And they are indeed looking forward to this historic event. I love you dear angels. I am your Mother God. Go in peace dear angels on earth. So it is.

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