July 25th, 2020

The Divine has removed the main part of the repressive forces

Dear angels on earth, I am your Mother God. I come today with great news. In the last few days, the Divine has been working to move forward with the Divine plan. Part of the Divine plan has been achieved. And the Divine is going to continue with the next few steps till the final disclosure happens.

What we, the Divine have done in the last few days was the removal of the repressive forces. There were forces on the planet which were not meant to be here. These forces have been slaving humanity for quite some time. Now the main part of these forces have been removed, And the Divine is continuing to remove the rest of these forces till there are no more of these forces left on the planet.

These unnecessary forces have been ruling the planet for a long time. To the point that humanity accepted these forces as their family. The intermingling between the forces and humanity also made it almost impossible to completely remove these forces. And that is why it takes the Divine so much time to completely remove these forces from the planet so that Humanity at last can be freed. And the planet, too, will be a totally free planet.

In the process of removing these unnecessary forces, the Divine has really gone through a thorough examination to distinguish the human race from the rest which needed to be removed. One of the interesting things we, the Divine have noticed is that the planet earth can be so accepting. The Human race is such a diverse race. At the end of the day, the planet earth has accepted numerous kinds of human races and some of these races may be destined to be here. And there are also races in the big human family that are from far far places. Humanity ended up being a huge melting pot. Races are so different and some were totally meant to come for a short visit. And there are also groups that came from far different systems and yet thrived on the planet earth. It is indeed an interesting result of the diverse environment.

The planet earth wasnít initially designed to host only Divine beings. Gaia has promised that she would work with the Divine and to bring Divine angels here so that they can explore a human life and experience what the planet has to offer.

In the process, indeed, hundreds and thousands of the Divine angels came to the planet each and every linear year to experiment. There are also many thousands of Divine sent beings coming to the planet for education purposes. The planet became a learning ground for the Divine and the angels in other star systems. Over time, Gaia became a heavenly place for soul growth. All souls became attracted to Mother Earth.

When Gaia became famous, all star systems started sending their visitors to planet earth. At one point, almost all of the visitors were Divine and Heavenly bound. And Gaia was a busy and blooming place. The star sisters and brothers also came and visited. Mother Earth was also very healthy and well adjusted. That was the first golden age of the planet earth. After the golden age, the planet became too crowded. Races here started playing the domination game over each other. Some even became rulers over others. Science started blooming but also became a tool for domination. Gaiaís future started looking gloomy. And Mother Earth has became a field for competition and domination.

In the modern day, Gaia has evolved into a field of battles between the minds and egos. Mind ego games are accepted as normal human exercises and normal behaviors. Humanity has totally merged into this ego mindset. Spirit has been subdued because there is no place for it. the Human race at large has become a race for domination and competition. There is no place for soul experience and soul growth has become secondary. Ego games are the main focus of human life. Domination is the goal for all souls and soul groups. That is why the planet has plunged into such a low density and Mother Earth was being destroyed completely.

Yes, the planet now has been uplifted. Mother Earth has ascended. the Human race too, is on the way to becoming a newly rebirthed new race. The Divine has worked hard for that. And Gaia, too, finally started realizing the situation on the planet and that is why we, the Divine have sorted different forces to remove the ones which donít belong to the planet earth.

The sorting process is done dear ones. Yes, There is still some work to do. However, Gaia now has a much easier climate. The Human race has become simpler. The ones who donít belong here have been removed. And so have their offspring. Eventually, we, the Divine will sort through all Gaiaís energies for the purpose of making sure that the planet is truly the heavenly play ground for the Divine angels as it was intended to be. Humanity too, has become the most advanced civilization that Gaia has ever hosted. That is the new earth and Gaiaís newer version, Humanityís new home, advanced version, an enlightened planet and human race. I love you dear ones. I am your Mother Divine. So it is.

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