Jul 30th, 2022

Mother Goddess will give healings to us and prepare us for the next phase

Dear warrior of love and light, tomorrow at 10 AM EST, Gurudass and I will host a kundalini Yoga session for the Divine. Divine Mother has arranged this session for the purpose of clearing and healing.

Mother Goddess says that the energies on the planet are very particular right now. And the reason is for these incoming energies to clear the planet and humanity so that the Divine and the company of heaven can actually land when time is right. She says because the planet earth has a mixture of different types of energy for a very long time. Some forces and energies are very hostile toward the spirit and the light workers. It makes harder for the landing. Now Gaia has removed the energies that no longer are welcome on the planet earth, and humanity, too, is also needed to be cleared and remove these energies. Once the damaging energies are completely being removed from the planet and humanity, the Divine can come and Gaia's next phase will move forward in full force.

In tomorrow's Kundalini Session, Mother Goddess will give healings to us and prepare us for the next phase. She invites light workers to come and join us, and together, we clear ourselves and clear the planet and humanity. The session will be a working session.

In the session, Father God will also interview some light workers. He says that he is still in the process of choosing his inner circles and the Divine government members and critical light workers who carry a critical mission. Father God will make sure these light workers to be ready in time.

Thank you for joining us. Please know that the zoom link will be sent to you one hour before the session.

Here is the registration page. Divine love and blessings to you always.


Linda Li Mother Father God. So it is.

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