Jul 30th, 2022

In our Kundalini yoga session tomorrow, mother Isis will join us

Isis is the mother of ancient Egyptians. Isis is still alive in the region and in the hearts of millions. Her energy is strong and courageous. She has a strong love for Egypt and ancient Egyptian cultures.

During this time of the year and through the lion gate, Mother Isis is with us and on the planet. She loves the planet. Her energies can be felt anywhere on earth. She is eager to help the light workers and the Divine plan.

She says, please call me dear ones, I am here with you and I am here for the planet. I am always available and eager to love and support you.

Tomorrow, in our Kundalini yoga session, mother Isis will join us. She wants to land her helping hands and her energies to any one who needs her right now. She says that she has daughters and sons in human form, and she is proud of her children. It is time for her to be here for her children. And she is here now. She loves the planet and she can not wait to meet you all. Linda Li and Mother Isis. So it is.


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