June 1st, 2022

Divine is calling the critical light workers

Dear family of love and light, the Divine has a quick update. Mother Father God has summoned all of the light workers and humanity today. The purpose of today's gathering was to inform the planet that Gaia's remapping process needs to pick up the speed. Some critical light workers are called into action.

Mother Father God has given some critical light workers the new earth assignment. The Divine encourages light workers to meditate on your mission and start your new mission once you have the understanding of how. The Divine says that there are some warriors who have appointed by Mother Father God with critical light work. Mother Father God wants these ones to realize the importance of their new mission and know that time is now to act on the mission.

In days to come, Mother Father God will continue to call light workers. The' Divine says that there are a couple dozens of the light workers who carry Gaia's critical plan. The Divine needs these critical ones to come forward and answer the calls. Know that their mission is so critical. Without their participation, Gaia's remapping process will not proceed. So answering the call is urgently needed. Gaia is waiting, the Divine plan is waiting and your critical mission is waiting for you.

Thank you for conducting your light work and be the warrior you came her to be. The Divine says that in our Saturday's kundalini Yoga session, Mother Father God will join us and continue to work with our light workers so that the Divine plan can be moved forward quickly.

Time has come dear warriors, you are needed. Gaia's remapping is waiting for you and your mission is calling you. Time to step up and answer the calls.

Below is the registration link for this Saturday's Kundalini Yoga session.


Linda Li. So it is.

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