June 1st, 2022

Saturday's Kundalini session continues with the healing and smoothing process

Dear family of love and light, Kundalini Yoga classes are back!

After a couple months of break, Mother Goddess, Adi Shakti has asked me to continue the teaching of Kundalini Yoga classes. She says because the planet and humanity's kundalini has been activated, and now is time to teach so that the planet and humanity's kundalini will be more stable. Humanity will gradually learn how to manage awakened kundalini and rebirthing process. In this Saturday, Gurudass and I will lead a session together. Gurudass has significant presence in Europe. Her powerful chant and energy are very helpful for the healing. Together, we will smooth planetary kundalini energy and energy body.

Mother Goddess invites light workers to join us in the session. Together, we heal and we smooth the planetary rebirthing process. The class will be donation based. Mother Goddess has designed a list of codes and numbers for you to choose. She said that the list of the codes are human soul signatures. On New Earth, the soul signature is the sound every soul will need to remember and on new earth, healings will be soul signature based and souls need to practice so that they know their own soul song and own soul signature.

Mother Goddess advises you to pick your number carefully. Know the number you pick has significance. So the best way to pick is to close your eyes, let the number vibrate in your heart, and then pick the one that sings in your heart and resonates with you.

Below is the registration link. Please know that the zoom link will be sent to you one hour before the class.


Thank you for joining us in this healing session. Divine blessings to you always.

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