June 3rd, 2022

New Earth Living - Gaia's New Earth has now been activated

Gaia's 5th dimensional new earth is designed with spiritual laws as the guiding principles. the Law of vibration and manifestation requires all souls to live on new earth as a magnet, and attract based on your vibration.

Souls have different vibrations and sounds by design. Different souls attract different things to serve different purpose. Gaia has designed the new earth this way. Therefore, new earth can be in harmony and peace. All sentient beings will be able to coexist on new earth.

New humans on new earth have different soul purposes. Depending on the souls and soul groups, soul purposes can be widely different. However, all souls are required to serve their soul purpose and all souls will have definite ways to fulfill their purpose.

Finding your soul's own way to serve its purpose is Divinely guided. Yes, on Gaia's new earth, there will be light workers who will serve as guides for souls to find their purpose. These light workers are divinely located throughout the planet. Their locations and the souls they serve are all designed prebirth. Once souls start their search for purpose, the Divine will give this group of light workers the green light so that they can start guiding people in their designated region.

On new earth, there are a great deal of differences in terms of what service is and how service is being carried out by light workers and spiritual guides. Each spiritual guide has designated customers in a designated region and area. Guides will have the certificate from the spirits and there will be a central organization that certifies spiritual guides and light workers who were designed to guide souls on earth. This guiding system was designed with the spiritual laws and principles in mind. Souls and soul groups will all follow these spiritual laws and principles.

If your new earth mission is to guide new humans and society, it is time to be ready for your new earth mission and know that you will be Divinely guided along the way.

Gaia's new earth was designed to be a spiritual society and civilization. Souls are required to live as awakened beings and serve their soul purpose. All souls will be guided and the spiritual laws are the guiding principles for all walks of life.

Gaia's New Earth has now been activated. Souls on earth have been switched to Gaia's new earth system and network. New Earth living has become reality. Gaia and the Divine asks souls on earth to start new earth living and educate yourselves so that the transition period can be smooth and easier.

Mother Goddess has asked me and Gurudass to hold Kundalini Yoga class this Saturday. The purpose of the class is to adjust the magnetic field so that transitioning to new earth will be smooth. Living on new earth will be natural for you.

Here is the registration page. Thank you for joining us. Blessings to you.


Linda Li. So it is.

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