June 3rd, 2022

Gaia and mother earth have officially started 5th dimensional newly activated magnetic field

Welcome to Gaia's new earth!

Dear family of love and light, Gaia and mother earth have officially started 5th dimensional newly activated magnetic field. As for today, the Divine and the company of heaven, and we, together, as a new human race, have moved further into this new network. In other words, as a collective, the planet and humanity has moved into the new earth which is fully functioning. We have arrived on our new home dear ones.

Gaia's new earth was designed very differently than the old one. The new earth has a fully protected shield with 5th dimensional magnetic field and power. Humans on new earth live as vibrationally charged magnetic. We use spiritual laws to guide our new earth life and use law of attraction and manifestation to attract things to us to fulfill our soul purpose. Souls on new earth are guided by soul's higher self and spiritual guides. Every move and action a soul takes on new earth has impacts, and therefore, souls are required to follow the spiritual laws and principles on new earth.

The newly installed spiritual laws have all been activated for new earth living. Law of love is the primary one. Law of love says that all souls on new earth need to love and respect their creator Mother Father God and their representatives. Law of love says all souls have the love within them and therefore, all souls are required to love and respect each other since all souls are created by creator Mother Father God and all souls have mother father God essence in them. Law of love is the founding foundation of the new earth. And now the law of love needs to be practiced on new earth.

New earth living is going to take a lot of practice for all souls. Gaia and mother earth asks her children to start the process and learn and practice to be new human on new earth. The process needs to start now.

In tomorrow's kundalini Yoga class, Gurudass and I will lead kriyas and meditation to help you adjust and fine tune your chakras and magnetic field. In doing so, it will help you to anchor and ground deeper into the new earth and new earth magnetic field.

Kundalini is our energy body and powerhouse. Since Mother Goddess has activated the kundalini of all souls on earth, souls may have various reactions to the awakening of the kundalini, coming to the class will help to manage awakened kundalini and smooth out the kinks. In the session, Mother Father God will join us. Mother Adi Shakti will help us to line up our chakras and clear our energy body. You can ask for help if there is a need. She will be available to all.

Here is the registration page. Thank you for joining us. Please know that the zoom link will be sent to you one hour before the class.


Divine blessings to all.

Linda Li, Mother Father God and so it is.

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