June 5th, 2022

New humans need time to adapt to the new earth system

Dear family of love and light, the new earth magnetic field has a very strong impact on the planet and all lives on earth. Humans were used to the old 3rd dimensional design which had weak magnetic impacts comparing to the new earth 5th dimensional magnetic field.

Now since the planet and humanity have been switched to the new earth magnetic field and system, it is normal that we, as new humans, will need time to adapt to the new earth system. Our physical body will eventually recognize the new earth system and acclimate to it.

For the transitioning period of time, eating light and drinking plenty of water will be helpful for the body to adapt. Eating self-produced foods will be beneficial. Eating food rich with vitamins are advised. Taking vitamins if needed to enhance the strength of muscles and bornes. The physical body needs to change the magnetic strength, and it is also very helpful when consuming plenty of natural waters which is full of energies and minerals.

Crystals and minerals are very helpful in terms of stabilize the magnetic field and soothing the energy body. Nature is the best friend for the time being. Gaia and mother earth are adjusting as well. Spending time in nature will help the body to adjust naturally. Swimming is another good practice right now. Ocean waters and Gaia's natural waters have all adapted Gaia's new magnetic field, and therefore, being in water will help the physical body to reorient and smooth out the disorienting feelings.

Mountain hiking and spending time in Gaia's nature is a great way to merge with Gaia's new earth system. Gaia and Mother Earth's animal have a much easy adjustment because they naturally atone with Gaia's natural rhythm. Therefore, switching to Gaia's 5th dimensional magnetic field was just like turned the switch on for Gaia's animals. They adapt smoothly and easily. Gaia's new earth is now fully functioning. Gaia advises light workers and humanity to continue the adjustments and know that Gaia's new earth system is working well. All systems are in place. Gaia is very pleased and so is mother earth. Gaia asks humanity to keep up the good work and let go of the old and embrace the new. Know that Gaia's new earth is the new home for humanity. There is no returning. Only way forward is to adjust to the new earth systems. And humanity is given time to adjust.

Divine blessings to all.

Linda Li and Gaia. So it is.

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