June 9th, 2022

Light workers call to help the planet and humanity at this critical moment of time

Dear family of love and light, Mother Goddess has asked me to lead this Saturday's kundalini Yoga session.

Mother Goddess says that the planet is anchoring in the new earth magnetic field. Humanity and some light workers are having challenges migrating to new earth and anchoring into new earth. The Divine and the company of heaven have asked light workers to help the planet and humanity at this critical moment of time.

As you know, the planet and humanity have been switched to new earth magnetic field and new earth structure lately. Our light workers and humanity have been adjusting to this new system and new earth living experience. The Divine says that there are some light workers who have great difficulties to switch to the new magnetic field and anchoring into the new earth. For some, it is the physical body that has challenges adjusting to the speed and strong magnetics. For others, it is the emotions and mental blocks that make the switch challenging.

The Divine encourages our light workers to keep an open heart and let the body and energy do the work. Know that the new earth magnetic field works on human consciousness and no matter how hard humans try, what matters is the acceptance and allow. Once souls relax and allow the migration to happen, the process will be much more smooth and easier. In our Kundalini yoga session, the kriya and meditation I lead will relax the mind and open the heart so that when the body is relaxed and mind is calm, anchoring into the new earth system becomes much easier and effortless. And that is the goal for the session.

Thank you for joining us in the session. If you feel challenged at the moment, or if you are having difficulty to anchor thyself on new earth, you are welcome to join us and hopefully the session will serve you and help you in the way that you need the most at this moment.

Here is the registration page. Please know that the class is donation based. The number and code you put in represents your soul song and soul signature. However, if you have a different number and code at the moment, please feel free to send in. All is Divinely designed and Divine timing.


Divine love and blessings to you.

Linda Li and Mother Goddess and the company of heaven. So it is.

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