June 10th, 2022

An operation to repair the malfunction and smooth out the kinks for the planet

Dear family of love and light, Mother Goddess has asked me to lead a kundalini Yoga session this Saturday at 10AM EST. The purpose of the class is multiple.

As you know that the planet has been switched to her newly designed 5th dimensional magnetic field. Humanity too, also followed the planet and were moved to the new earth system and structure. Now the entire moving process has been done. Mother Earth and all her occupants have been migrated to the new earth magnetic field and new structure.

In the last couple of days, the newly installed magnetic field and structure has been running on overdrive. The Divine and Gaia did an investigation and realized that the new system is malfunctioning at some spots and needs repair.

Today, the Divine and millions of light workers have launched an operation to repair the malfunction and smooth out the kinks for the planet. The process is still going on. Gaia and Mother Earth are fine. The Divine says that the process may take a little time. However, all will be well, and the repair process is going extremely well.

In tomorrow's kundalini session, Mother Father God asks light workers to join us. The Divine says there are some light workers who carry planet earth's keys and codes and showing up in this session will be especially helpful.

Gaia also asks her children for support. If you hear the call and willing to help, please join us in the session, together, we help the planet.

In the session, Mother Goddess will also help us to adjust our own chakras and magnetic field to the new earth design. In doing so, we will have our own magnetic field tune to the new earth system, and we also will help the planet and humanity as result.

Here is the registration page. Please know that the class is donation based. The dropdown list provides the codes which are some of the soul songs and soul signatures on earth.


However, if you have a different number, please use the Paypal link below. Please know that the zoom link will be sent to you one hour before the class.


Thank you for joining us. Divine blessings to you.

Linda Li and Mother Divine. So it is.

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