June 11th, 2022

Healing with Mother God at 10AM EST

Dear warriors of love and light, today at 10 AM EST, Mother Goddess and I will lead a kundalini Yoga session. Mother Goddess designed the session this way so that through the class and through my teaching, Mother Goddess can provide healings to all participants while stabilizing mother earth.

As you know, the planet is going through great difficulties and clearing. And as humans living on earth, we, too, are going through the rebirthing pain and challenges. Especially after the switch to 5th dimensional magnetic field, the planet and humanity is now facing great upheaval. Our light workers, too, are facing all sorts of symptoms of the upgrade and physical ascension. Mother Goddess knows what we are facing, and she wants to lend us a helping hand.

So if you have challenges with the energies and the intense rebirthing process, or you feel wobbly because of the switch to the new magnetic field, or you are overwhelmed with the intense energies and need help, please come and join us. Hopefully the session will provide the healing and calming effect you are searching for.

The kriyas we will do are very powerful and healing. They are designed to open the heart and clear our emotional body and anchor us to mother earth deeply.

Here is the registration page. Please know that the zoom link will be sent to you one hour before the class.


If you would like to contribute a different number, please click the link below.


Thank you for joining us. Divine blessings to you.

Linda Li

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