June 12th, 2022

A job well done!

Thank you for the powerful kundalini Yoga session we had yesterday. Mother Goddess says that we have done so much work during the session.

Because of our work, Gaia's planetary ascension has taken a big leap and jump forward. Now the planet is spinning well and humanity, too, has made needed adjustments. The overall new earth magnetic field and overall Divine plan are all working smoothly.

During the session, the Divine and the company of heaven, have carried out a planet wide rescue operation. Mother Father God led the operation. Millions of light workers have contributed to the success of the work. Gaia's broken Ley lines and humanity's miscreation have been taken care of. There were some spots on the planet that needed repair and the light workers have also made the repair.

Mother God says that there were also a great deal of new energetic structures have been created in the session. These structures serve as the Divine monitoring stations throughout the planet. There are light workers who have been placed in these stations so that the planet will be monitored in the rebuilding phase. Mother Goddess has given some light workers new tasks in the session. She asks light workers to meditate on the new tasks, and start the tasks once they get the message and ideas.

Mother says that there are a lot of light workers who have been given new earth mission. Mother Goddess asks these light workers to start the new mission. And if for some reason, you have difficulties to understand your new mission, Mother Goddess asks light workers to meditate and ask her for help.

In time to come, Mother Father God will continue to give light workers new mission. She says that the new earth is already here. Now light workers need to start the new earth mission. Millions of light workers have ascended, and it means that these millions of light workers are called to start their new earth mission. Time to start.

Again, thank you for joining us for this powerful session. Personally, it meant a lot that you showed up in the session and supported me. I am very grateful for your presence and unconditional love. Together, we have accomplished great things for ourselves and for the planet. Mother Goddess has activated us for advanced soul missions. And for some that means you have advanced your soul a great deal. And that is to say that you just made yourself more prominent and powerful. I send you congratulations and a big hug for a job well done.

Divine love and blessings to you.

Linda Li. So it is.

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