June 13th, 2019

Guan Yin on Gaia’s ocean rebuilding and next release

Guan Yin says, dear heart, I am Guan Yin. I come today with important news. Gaia’s ascension has reached a point where the planet and humanity have felt the impact. We, the Divine have decided, at this point, to let Gaia lead the ascension effort and let the release continue.

Currently, Gaia has been releasing her pent up energies relentlessly. Gaia knows that in order for her ascension journey to go smoothly, she needs to let go of the old buried energies. In the process of releasing the old energies, Mother Earth can help the release so that Gaia can be liberated and feel free again. Gaia has so much of the old energies, and it is going to take years if not decades for Mother Earth to complete the releasing process. Right now, Gaia’s releasing has just begun. Gaia has just started realizing the benefits of letting go of the old. That being said, the planet has been feeling the effects of Gaia’s releasing for some time now. For that, we, the Divine have been trying to eliminate the negative effects from Gaia’s releasing so that the planet and human life can be reasonably stable. And the planet can still be a suitable place for humanity and the animal kingdom. Now, even though that is the case, we, the Divine still want to make sure that in the long run, Gaia’s release can be smooth and the planet can sustain the release. That is why we have decided to let Gaia lead the ascension effort and let Mother Earth release without too many severe scenarios. So far so good.

I love you dear ones. I am Guan Yin. The Divine and the company of heaven, have been working diligently with Gaia to direct Mother Earth with the release. We have developed a system so that the planet will know when the next release will be, and how the release will be manifested on earth. During the development of this system, Gaia and Mother Earth discovered that there are quite a lot of the light workers who had been deployed in different locations by the Divine, yet right now they are missing in action. In other words, there are a significant number of our light workers who are supposed to help Gaia, but have quit. Divine has decided to take action on these light workers. If you are not doing your light work here, then you need not be here. That is basically the principle we follow. We, the Divine and the company of heaven, are in the process of taking these light workers home, and instead we bringing some other forces here so that Gaia can have plenty of help and a safety net in place.

It is sad to see that some of our light workers are not performing their Divine duties. It is even worse that there are some who just outright quit. That has to stop. We need our light workers to do their job. Gaia is definitely in need of our light worker’s help. In failing to do so, you are not only jeopardize your own journey, but you also put Gaia’s ascension and the Divine plan in jeopardy. It is unprecedented and unheard of. Quite frankly, it shocked the Divine and the company of heaven when we discovered these incidents.

However, now the matter has been taken care of. We have brought new forces here to make sure Gaia is safe. And the planet is in a good place. These newly arrived forces are very capable light beings, and have already started their work. Together, with the Divine’s help, Gaia is starting her next move.

I love you dear heart. I am Guan Yin. In the next few days and weeks, we are going to continue the release effort. Gaia has decided the location of the next release and that has to do with the ocean fronts. Gaia’s ocean floors are being emptied out and the rebuilding process may start soon. We, the Divine have to calculate how much time and effort is needed to get Gaia a brand new ocean floor. After that, the rebuilding process may begin. But for now, Gaia’s oceans are without floors. In other words, the ocean floors had been cleared. Gaia has decided not to use any makeshift for the ocean floors. For now, Gaia has decided not to have anything till the next process begins. What that means to Gaia’s marine life is that Gaia’s marine life can be vulnerable. In other words, Gaia has decided to let her marine life live without an ocean floor. Even though, technically it is alright, still, I would warn the planet and humanity to be careful that Gaia’s oceans are extremely vulnerable right now. Leave Gaia’s ocean waters alone. Let the process begin. Till the oceans are healed, try to stay away from Gaia’s oceans. That is the best course of action I can advise. I love you dear heart. I am Guan Yin. So it is.