June 16th, 2022

Important Divine announcement

Dear family of love and light, the Divine has a quick update.

As you know, the planet earth has shifted to her designated 5th dimensional position, and now humanity is following suit and anchoring into new earth magnetic field. Everything is functioning well. For that, Gaia and the Divine is pleased.

Considering the need of Gaia's remapping is so great, and after delays after delays, a couple of months ago, the Divine and Gaia have given the planet and humanity a timeline to finish transition so that the Divine can come in and Gaia's remapping process can officially begin.

So now the Divine and Gaia have decided to move forward with that Divine decision and Divine plan. The Divine plan is to move on with Gaia's remapping process after June Solstice. It depends on where you are, it either is summer solstice or winter solstice. Therefore, this Solstice will be the turning point for the planet and humanity.

With that goal in mind, the Divine and the company of heaven and Gaia, have been preparing our light workers recently. The Divine has tasked me to host a few healing events over the last couple of months. Mother Goddess has taught Kundalini Yoga Sessions through me. All these events are designed to get our light workers ready for what is to come.

Mother Goddess will continue to heal the light workers and humanity. Particularly in our Kundalini sessions, which are designed by Mother Goddess. She always knows what light workers need and how to heal our light workers so that they can be ready for their individual Divine mission.

In this upcoming Saturday's kundalini session, Mother Goddess will give activations and healings to attendees. She has sent out the clarion calls. She says that there are some critical light workers who carry important Divine plans. They need to show up so that Mother Goddess can activate their part of the plan for time to come.

During the session, Father God will join us. He will pick and choose important light warriors for Gaia's next phase. Father says that it is time for these critical light workers to begin their new earth mission so that their mission can help to start the Divine government on earth.

Please come and join us in this important session. Mother Father God have called you. Your time has come. It is important that you show up and activate your critical new earth mission. And together, we start the new era and the Divine government on earth.

Here is the registration page. The class is donation based. Please choose your number and key your number in with unconditional love for the planet and humanity. Please know that the zoom link will be sent to you one hour before the session.


Divine love and blessings to you.

Linda Li, Mother Father God. So it is.

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