June 17th, 2020

Mother Earth has been getting the deepest, darkest energies out

Dear angels on earth, I am your Mother God. I come today with news. The planet has been getting the most deepest, darkest energies out and released. In doing so, Mother Earth will have a little breathing room. In the process of letting go of these energies, the planet has to let these energies influence the human energy field, so that the lessons can be leaned.

These are quite violent energies. They have been a huge influence in humanity’s history since ancient times. In The human psyche, these energies seem to have been anchored as normal energies. Humanity has accepted these war-like energies and no one has questioned it. Only now, as the vibrations on the planet have gotten higher and higher, Has the ugly side of these energies started To show up, and humanity seem to Be awakening to This detriment, seeking to get rid of the energies. Humanity feels that it cannot release the energies fast enough. Every soul group on the planet is trying to release the energies one way or another. The effects of the releasings are quite effective. Countries that are releasing these old energies are the ones that are currently going through chaos. The most obvious effect of the releasing of these old energies is chaos, when human interactions and human relations all become challenging. The nature of these energies is chaotic, and that is why when the energies are being released, the reflection of the releasing is chaotic.

Now, due to the chaotic nature of the energies and the disharmonious impact that releasing has caused on the planet, Countries are in disarray. Some neighboring countries and regions can start conflicts when war-like mentality deep in the human psyche is being stirred up, and that is A vulnerable time. A planet-wide conflict can happen in the blink of eye. The Divine and the company of heaven are on high alert. We know The human psyche and human reactions well. In times like this, what the best solution for the chaos is to calm down the energies and release a bit at a time.

After a few days of heavy releasing, we, the Divine have decided to take a break, and let the planet calm down. The energies that are being released are going to be channeled to some other areas where human populations are small. The rest of the old energies will be held for a later release so that the planet will have a break from the heavy releasing. Humanity will calm down a bit. And that is the news.

These ancient deeply buried energies have been with humanity for as long as human civilization has existed. The energies became so common to humanity, it almost became part of the human psyche and human existence. Humans accepted these energies as second nature and treated them as a natural part of being human. So when the planet started to let go of these energies, the natural reaction would be chaos because, when the human mind deems something is wrong, letting go of the energies seems wrong to The human psyche as if letting part of the human go. And that reaction has caused a great deal of chaos and the planet wide chaos. That is why you see wars Break out, and Killings sprout up, and that is all because of the releasing of these energies.

Gaia, on the other hand, is quite released. She feels the releasing and the relaxing after the releasing of the energies. Mother Earth, too, seems to be relaxed quite a bit. At least for now, she seems to enjoy the breathing room the releasing created. And that is the positive benefit of releasing of these energies.

In the next few days and weeks, after this short break, the planet-wide releasing will continue. The next round of releasing will be more intense. Areas that will Be impacted are the areas Gaia deems to need this releasing. In other words, Gaia will be the one who directs the releasing. She knows how and where the most efficient releasing locations for Mother Earth will be, and she will direct the process.

Meanwhile, the Divine will monitor the entire process to make sure there will be no wars and conflicts. Releasing the old consciousness doesn’t require the old behaviors and war like reactions. The spiritual laws are in place now to prevent any attempted wars, and countries need to take notes and behave accordingly.

There is no reason for the releasing to turn into conflict and wars. Old ancient karmic relationships need to be healed. While letting the energies go, this opportunity is rare for all soul groups to look into their karmas and take the chance and heal the wounds once and for all. This is a rare opportunity indeed.

Soul groups, especially the ancient souls and groups need to calm down and study their karmic relationships. It is time to heal all the unwanted karmic patterns and relationships. The Time is due. There are deep wounds that soul groups on the planet need to study and eventually heal.

Soul groups that are neighbors especially need to pause for a moment, and study the past. Civilizations that have ancient roots are most likely to have neighbor issues. Gaia has a long history and during this long history, humanity in general, has fought between neighboring countries and soul groups, Especially soul groups that are fundamentally different. The inherent differences sometimes cause issues between neighboring countries and soul groups. Humans learned throughout history that if you are different from my people, you most likely will someday either replace me or deplete my group. Trusting others becomes a detrimental practice. Humans have a hard time to trust inherently. And that has caused so many wars between neighbors and soul groups. Border issues are a common reflection of this mistrust between neighboring countries and soul groups. Now is the time for these issues to be healed and once and for all. I love you dear angels. I am your Mother Divine. Go in peace dear ones. So it is.

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