June 17th, 2022

Healing from Mother Goddess

Dear family of light warriors, in tomorrow's Kundalini Yoga session, Mother Goddess and I will teach together. We will organize and maintain the energies of the planet earth in a way that balances and stabilizes the planet and humanity.

Since Gaia's recent shift to her 5th dimensional new structure and magnetic field, light workers and humanity alike seem to be struggling a lot. Mother Goddess says that is partially because light workers have been focusing on the mental aspect of the ascension, while balancing all bodies and at all levels is needed right now. Living on new earth requires us to deeply ground and anchor on new earth. Our energy body needs to weave into Gaia's new earth magnetic field in order to feel truly anchored on new earth. And in order to deeply anchor into new earth, our body needs to be totally balanced and in harmony with nature and nature's rhythm. And that seems lacking among light workers and humanity at large. And that is why ascension symptoms are very common right now. Mother God will give healings to the attendees throughout the session.

In tomorrow's class, Sujjan will lead a kriya to balance our bodies and energetic designs. Mother Goddess and I will then lead a meditation to release the old and anchor ourselves deeply into our body and new earth. The goal is to balance our bodies and energies so that together, the balance of mother earth and the Divine feminine and masculine energies will be achieved.

The upcoming Solstice will be significant for all of us and the Divine plan. Getting ready for the shifts and the jump at the solstice is critical. The Divine encourages our light workers to join us tomorrow. Together, we stabilize ourselves and stabilize the planet.

Here is the registration page. The class is donation based. Please choose your number and key your number in with unconditional love for the planet and humanity. Please know that the zoom link will be sent to you one hour before the session.


Thank you for joining us. Divine love and blessings to you.

Linda Li and Mother Goddess. So it is.

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