June 18th, 2020

Mass Ascension of the European Continent

Dear angels on earth, I am your Mother Divine. I come today with news. The Divine has started another wave of ascension Energies. The energies arrived at the planet this morning. They are very intense Ascension Rays designed to boost the ascension process. This time around, the ascension Rays will solely focus on the populations that have not ascended for whatever reason. The Divine is counting on the energies to bring a big number of souls home. The last soul groups that need the big boost have ascended. Now this time around, we, the Divine have decided to bring yet other big groups to the 5th dimension.

The soul groups that the Divine has chosen to uplift are the ones that have done the work and now are almost ready. These soul groups mainly reside in Europe, and a small portion are in Asia. The Divine has been monitoring these groups and determined that most of these soul groups can and will ascend by themselves. A few of them may need Divine’s help. And that is understandable. The Divine is always ready for the uplifting.

The soul groups that are ready to ascend are the ones that the Divine Has designed for them to do so at this time. The countries that have been working hard are now ready to ascend. The countries that have been left behind for whatever reason, now have caught up and Are ready as well. The Divine is hoping that the entire European continent can ascend. And that is why we, the Divine have brought in enormously powerful ascension Rays this time. In the next few days, we, the Divine will uplift the most readied soul groups to the 5th dimension. The biggest mass ascension is underway dear angels.

Now, from Divine’s perspective, the European block is the most dense area on the planet earth. There are countries that are large with millions in population and small ones with a few million. But nevertheless, these countries and soul groups have different makeups and different soul missions. Some can be very powerful and the Ascension impact can be felt throughout the planet.

There are also countries that have been deeply wounded and the wounds are severe, and it will take groups of Divine souls to heal the wounds and hurts. The countries that are deeply wounded will have a hard time stayIng ascended. We, the Divine have anticipated that, and, if these countries go backwards, we, the Divine will put a kind of containment around them so that the impact of the healing of the wounds won’t cause too extreme damage to the groups, so that these countries will stay in the ascended realm and that is the strategy.

Now, in these groups of countries that are about to ascend, the Divine has particularly picked a couple of the countries as ascension leaders so that the rest of the groups can follow suit. The countries that the Divine has appointed as leaders are now in the leadership position. They are totally ready to lead. Souls in these leadership countries are quite capable, they know their Divine mission and they have shown the Divine their capacity. The Divine has a great deal of trust in these leading countries and the Divine has given them the authority to lead their brothers and sisters home.

Besides the Europe, there are a few smaller soul groups in the Far East have been ready to ascend. The Divine has asked these groups to ascend as well. If these groups need help, the Divine will have enormous help ready for them. The bottom line is that their ascension should be very easy. There is no foreseeable hurdle in front of these soul groups. Every group is poised and ready, and the scene is exciting indeed.

In the next few days, the Divine will focus on this wave of the mass ascension. The process may take days. However, we, the Divine will leave the ascension portal open for the time being. Since this time around, there are large soul groups involved and the sheer number of the ascending population is so great. We, the Divine have all the ascension team members On standby. We also have ascended beings available for any request for help. We, the entire Divine team and the company of heaven, are totally poised and ready. We are indeed excited about the homecoming of the masses. I love you dear angels. I am your Mother God. Go in peace dear ones. So it is.

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