June 18th, 2022

Divine Intervention and dispensation

Dear family of love and light, the kundalini session we had today was a great one. Attendees have done amazing work. The Divine, Gaia, and humanity are very grateful for all of you and your light work.

During the session, the Divine have joined us and together, we, on behalf of the planet and humanity, have done a major removal of the karmas for the planet and humanity. For that, humanity is deeply touched and thankful.

On planet earth, every year at summer and winter solstice and equinox, and a couple of other spiritual holidays, the tradition is that the heavens will give the planet and humanity dispensation to dissolve and resolve karmas so that the planet earth and humanity will be able to lighten the karma loads for the year ahead. This tradition has been practiced for thousands of years on earth.

This year, the Divine and the karma board has done the same thing. The Karma board announced this dispensation in today's Kundalini Yoga session so that we were able to take this opportunity and this Divine dispensation and removed our personal karmas and the collective karmas. With the help from the Divine and the company of heaven, the collective karma has been removed greatly. The planet and humanity are now in a much lighter shape. The Divine and the company of heaven are very pleased with the result.

The Divine dispensation will be in place till the Solstice time. The Divine and the Karma board ask our light workers to take this opportunity and continue to work on the personal karmas and collective karmas.

On Solstice Day at 10AM EST, GuruDass and I will host a two and half hour long Kundalini Yoga session to honor the change of the Era and get the new era going. We will have another chance to wipe out personal karmas and collective karmas. I will post more details tomorrow.

Again, thank you all for your hard work. Know that the new Golden Age has started, and the old is being removed at lightning speed. Humanity has risen and the planet has started a brand-new chapter. Exciting time ahead indeed.

Divine love and blessings to you.

Linda Li. So it is.

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