June 19th, 2022

Grand Finale Solstice Day Celebration and workshop

Dear family of love and light, we made it! Congratulations to you all!

Per Divine’s Planetary Ascension plan, this Solstice is the time when the old 3rd dimensional realm is officially over. The new Gaia’s Golden Age officially begins. To celebrate the occasion and finish the last bit of the work, Mother Goddess and the company of heaven have asked me and Gurudass to host a workshop on Solstice Day.

Yes, there were times when the Divine has changed plans and time frames. However, after long overdue, now the Golden Age is finally here. Gaia and the Divine is overjoyed. We, the light workers have been working for this moment over lifetimes, and finally, we arrived. The new Golden Age is here.

In this special session, the Divine has designed a great deal of items for us. Mother Father God and their entire entourage will be here with us to start the process, and along with the league of Archangels and the spiritual hierarchy on earth, together, we use this session to celebrate our arrival at the Golden Age. Mother Goddess has some special compensation for us. She has great gifts for the light workers and attendees. Gifts include special compensation for some, and special talents and gifts for others. Each has a different gift and it is based on who you are and where you are and what your mission is. Mother Goddess says these gifts are Divine dispensation, and you deserve them.

The Divine and the company of heaven thank you all for your hard work through the ages. And now we see the result and reward of the hard work.

In the session, Father God will have his inner circle known. In other words, Father God has chosen his inner circle and now they will be told by the Father. Father says that these chosen ones will have a great mission ahead. Their mission will take them far and wide. He asks these chosen ones to get ready. Time is here. They are being called and they will be high in demand. No one shall take this lightly. New Age has arrived.

In the session, our Mother Earth and Gaia will greet the attendees. Gaia and Mother Earth have a great deal of appreciation for the light workers and their job well done. Gaia says that mother earth’s new phase is a gigantic project. She and Mother Earth are deeply involved. The planet knows it now and so does humanity. Gaia wants the light workers to understand the grand scale of changes that are coming. She asks light workers to help and be there for mother earth and humanity. There is no limit on what the light workers can do. Please help in whatever capacity you have. Remember that Gaia and Mother Earth are always grateful.

The other thing we will do in the session is to finish the karma removal process. Per Divine’s intervention and dispensation, the solstice is the last day when the planet and humanity have the dispensation to remove, dissolve and let go of individual karma and collective karma. Gurudass and I will lead kriyas and meditation to do that. Together, we remove the old karmas and usher in the new chapter.

This session is donation based. The Divine has designed a list of numbers for you to choose. Mother Goddess helped to create the list of master numbers and codes. The Divine advises you to choose the numbers that resonate with you at this moment and according to your task at hand so that together, we create new earth grids and balance the planet and creation energies. So please pick your numbers carefully. Know the number you pick has significance. The best way to pick is to close your eyes, let the number vibrate in your heart, and then pick the one that sings in your heart and resonates with you.

The session will be on Tuesday, June 21st, at 10 AM EST. Here is the registration page. Please know that the Zoom link will be sent to you one hour before the class.


Thanks again for joining us. Divine blessings to you always.

Linda Li, Mother Father God, Gaia and the Company of heaven. So it is.

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