June 20th, 2022

Spiritual practice and celebration at Solstice Day

Dear warrior of love and light, Tomorrow is the Summer Solstice Day for the northern hemisphere and Winter Solstice for the southern hemisphere. It is one of the most auspicious days of the year for the planet and humanity.

Traditionally, humanity used this day for celebrations. Humans celebrated the return of the summer and celebrated the longest day in the north. After celebration, humans would normally sit together and send prayers to the Sun. Sun played an important role with the ancients. Its life-giving rays and nurturing roles have always been the main focus of ancient human prayers. And especially at Solstice, the Sun has the most potent power and gives out the most powerful light and warmth. For that, humans figured out that worshipping the sun was a proper thing to do and therefore, Sun worshiping at solstice has become a tradition for the ancients.

Sun-worshipping is a lost art for modern humans. Planet wide sun worshipping activities have become the activities of the few among the Indigenous people and tribes. However, once the planet started the ascension journey, since the planet and humanity are awakening. Humans realize the power and spiritual component of the Sun's Rays in their ascension journey. Sun-worshipping related activities have been resurrected. Souls innately have the need to connect and worship the Sun. Especially on days like solstice when the Sun gives out ascension rays at max level. And that is the most encouraging sign the spirit has seen.

The Sun itself has the highest consciousness humans can fathom. When the Sun gives out Rays, humans innately know that they need to absorb and digest these sun rays. Humans know that these sun rays are life giving. They have an intimate connection with the sun. Sun-worship is now returning. Humanity is now waking up to its traditions and ancient practices. Sun-worshipping and Spiritual practices have become desirable, and for awakened ones, a necessary part of the spiritual life.

In this solstice, the Divine and the company of heaven, together, will send out powerful sun rays to the planet and humanity. These sun rays will serve to jump humanity to a much higher consciousness level. That is the design and that is the special Divine gift for the planet and humanity. That is why it is so important that we participate in spiritual practice to harnish the Spiritual gifts the Sun and the spirits will bestow upon us.

In tomorrow's Kundalini Yoga session, the Divine and the company of heaven will join us. Together, we will honor the consciousness of the Sun and all souls on earth. Mother Father God and their entire entourage will present. With their presence and power, the session becomes a planet wide new era ushering event. Waves of consciousness will reach far and wide. Humanity will wake up to the fact that the Divine is here. Mother Father God is here. It is time for the new era, and new Golden Age. Time for a change.

During the session, Gurudass will lead kriyas to leave the past behind and I will lead a meditation to remove and dissolve karmas individually and collectively so that consciously, we move forward and move into the new era. A new era for the planet and a new era that we have been working on for eons of time. Please come and join us in this special solstice event. The event is Divinely designed and it will serve as a global wide celebration of the new age. Mother Father God will present in the celebration. And together, we move into Gaia's new Golden Age. Here is the registration page. Please know that the workshop is donation based. The zoom link will be sent to you one hour before the class.


Divine love and blessings to you.

Linda Li and Mother Goddess. So it is.

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