June 20th, 2022

Preparations for tomorrow's Session

Dear family of love and light, thank you for joining us in tomorrow's special Kundalini Yoga session.

The session is divinely designed and will be a very powerful and transformative experience for most of us. So I want to give you a little heads up and preparation so you will benefit from the session the most.

First, it will be on Solstice day. And the ascension rays will be greatly increased. Please keep that in mind and keep yourself hydrated and stay grounded. If you can practice outside, it will be preferable.

Now considering our kundalini sessions are always powerful and impactful, Here are a few recommendations the Divine wants me to address.

1) The kriyas and meditations are designed for enlightenment and ascension. We will work to open the heart, clear the subconscious mind and balance the chakras, and at last, together, we create what we need for new earth living collectively and individually. We anchor our plan on new earth. Gurudass will lead a kriya to work with the frequency of forgiveness and healing the heart and emotional body. I will lead a meditation to heal past lives and karmas. And then we will meditate to create a future for ourselves on new earth.

2) Because the kriya and meditations are very transformative and powerful, Preparations will be necessary. Have a good night sleep. Eating light and veggie proteins will be preferable. Drink water and lemon water will be helpful. I drink rose tea when I do heavy work like this to clear liver and stress. There are also Yogi teas available in stores and they are very helpful to help the releasing and detoxing process.

3) Mother Father God will join us in the session. They will actively help us during the healing process, and for some, that means you may see the unseen and know the unknown. Please understand this is Divinely designed session and all participants will have a certain level of spiritual advancement based on the soul plan. It is your higher self who orchestrated the process and advancement that you and your body are ready for at this moment of time.

4) Since the celebration of the new era is the theme of the session, the Divine will use the session to pick and choose critical light workers for Gaia's next phase. It is your personal responsibility to remember whether you are the one who is being chosen, and what your mission is. Therefore, stay focused. The Divine will use the session to pick important light workers and therefore the Divine will let these chosen ones know the details.

5) Mother Goddess asks light workers to be aware that she has a great deal of gifts for light workers. For some, the gifts will be more obvious. For others, they may need time to understand. Mother asks light workers to stay centered and know that the gift from the Mother is sacred and for future use and for the time to come.

6) The last thing is the time limit. The workshop is two and half hours long. We have a lot of work designed already. So please arrive on time and wear comfortable clothes. Make sure that you have a Yoga mat and blanket to cover yourself. The meditation is half hour long and powerful. For beginners, it can be challenging. So just do your best.

Thank you very much for joining us in this special session. Together, we move to the new chapter on new earth. Exciting time indeed.

Here is the registration page for your convenience.


Blessings to you.

Linda Li

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