June 22nd, 2020

Most of the European continent has ascended

Dear angels on earth, I am your your Mother God. I come to share my love with you. I know that the energies are very intense right now. The entire planet is immersed in the Divine ascension Rays. Populations on the planet are hurrying to move upward and Mother Earth, too, has been uplifted quite a bit in just The last few days. The process of mass ascension has done so much and it is a success indeed.

As for today, most of the European continent has ascended. Yes, there are groups that are still in the process but the distance these countries have traveled in the last few days is remarkable. The entire continent has moved up octaves and now a lot of them have settled in the 5th dimension. The ones who are still traveling are doing great. We, the Divine will continue to monitor the process to make sure all soul groups arrive at the 5th dimension. That is the goal we, the Divine have, and we will pursue the goal regardless.

Now, there are groups that are having a hard time moving at the designed speed. We, the Divine are aware of these groups and are monitoring their movements carefully. That is normal in a mass ascension like this one. Certain soul groups do better than others. And there are also groups that have ascended. The ascended soul groups have arrived in their designated spots safely and now anchored quietly. These ascended groups have Divine’s approval already to anchor in their new home. These groups are the pioneers and they have the group spirit. In the process, the souls in these groups carried each other upward. There are no limitations being put on and these souls feelIng free. There are no societal restrictions and the entire group would go in unison.

From this ascension process, souls have learned that each individual soul is just part of the big picture. In order for the whole group to succeed, each individual soul soul needs to work with the others and together, the whole can achieve their goal. Countries that are formed based on collectivism tend to work well in ascension process. Souls in these countries carry each other. They ascend in unison. There are no so called “classes.” One person’s action impacts the whole group. And the group would work together no matter what the circumstances are.

There are many collective societies on the planet. And all of these groups do well in the ascension journey. They tend to lead and they tend to move fast and smoothly. These soul groups usually have group leaders and their leaders tend to have the full authority in moving directions and speed. The groups tend to listen their leader and move together nicely, like music, every one plays their part and together, beautiful music is being made.

Now, the European countries tend to be different from one to the other. However, there are a few groups that don’t care to carry their neighboring countries and soul groups. These groups are the leaders and their ascension tend to be smooth. They not only ascended themselves, but also they have brought their neighbors up with them and the brotherhood mentality is quite amazing.

In Central Europe, tensions are intense. There are a few groups that are having border issues. Because Of these issues, gaps have been created, especially the souls who happen to live in the areas, the regions and souls in these regions are having difficulties to ascend together. There are big gaps and some gaps have caused ruptures. In order for these gaps to be fixed so that souls can ascend in unison, we, the Divine have started to fill in the space. In doing so, the gaps will be covered so that souls in these regions can ascend.

Another phenomenon we, the Divine have discovered is that there are certain soul groups that only ascend in unison within their own groups. In other words, soul groups have a hard time to mingle with other groups in the border areas. There is no such thing called carrying their brothers and sisters in other groups. That has to stop. Borders are a man made phenomena. In consciousness, there are no borders. Souls mingle. Soul groups work together and move in unison. Borders are pure products of the human separation and ego games. Borders hinder the ascension and cause ascension gaps. it is detrimental to the process and the overall Divine plan.

In order for all the soul groups to ascend together, there has to be no borders, no separation at the soul level. The removal of man made borders is essential for the ascension of the masses.

In the next few days or weeks if needed, we, the Divine will continue to bring up the soul groups in Europe till all groups ascend. The entire process may take a little longer but we, the Divine are determined to achieve the goal. Under all circumstances, no matter what, we will uplift all countries and soul groups in Europe to the 5th dimension. Gaia, too, is monitoring the process and she wants all soul groups to ascend smoothly. And that is the goal for the Divine and that is what we, the Divine and the company of heaven, are doing. I love you dear angels on earth. I am your Mother Divine. Stay in peace and all is well indeed. So it is.

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