June 23rd, 2022

Gaia's new Golden Age has now officially begun

Dear family of love and light, congratulations for a job well done. The planet and humanity have now officially started Gaia's new golden age. Yes, the Divine and the company of heaven have started their roles in Gaia's new golden age, Aquarian Age, and now all has been brought under the leadership of the Divine and the company of heaven. A New chapter has started for all of us. A New Era has begun.

The final taking over started on Solstice day. The Divine and the company of heaven and millions of light workers, in the last few days, have wiped the planet and removed all the unnecessary energies and residual forces that Gaia did not want to be on new earth. As of today, the operation is complete. Gaia's removal process was successfully done. The unwanted energies have been either removed to other places or are being transmuted according to the Cosmos laws. The operation is a great success. Gaia is pleased with the result.

Now, the planet and humanity have a brand new existence. Mother Earth's remapping process is the next move. Mother Father God are working to establish the Divine government on earth so that they, along with Gaia, can lead the effort to remap and rebuild mother earth.

In this saturday's kundalini session, Mother Goddess will join us, together, with the help from Gaia and her elements and aspects, we will move forward with Gaia's plan and the establishment of the Divine government on earth.

Per Divine's design, Mother Father God's representatives will represent them and lead the remapping effort. The Divine will establish itself in the center of the spiritual world and Gaia's new home which is Washington DC in the United States. Gaia is in the United States and so is the headquarters of the Divine government and the spiritual center on planet earth.

Please come and join us and together, we start the creation process and Gaia's remapping process. Mother Goddess asks light warriors to be present. She says that she has tasked some light workers to be part of this kundalini team, so that together, we work in unison and create heaven on earth.

Here is the registration page. Please know that the zoom link will be sent to you one hour before the class.


Thank you for your effort and contribution to Gaia's remapping process. Divine blessings to you. Linda Li, Mother Goddess. So it is.

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