June 23rd, 2022

Feedback from light workers who have participated in our Solstice Kundalini workshop

Dear warriors, I want to share the following feedback with you. The feedback was from a couple of dearest light workers who have participated in our Solstice Kundalini workshop. I Resonate with the message well. And I know that was when the Divine operation of the removal began.

Thanks again for your hard work and dedication. Grateful for your effort and light work. You are powerful creators. Together, we are powerful, and we manifest the Divine plan in our reality. Enjoy.


Our experience: It was such a gigantic Light work for the entire planet. Yet so gently embraced by the Divine Mother. So compassionate and warm being held in a safe space of Unconditional Love and encouragement to let us all enable our heart loving potential and open up completely through the simple yet powerful intention of surrender to the incoming waves of Love.

Thank you for creating this blessed Beautiful Sacred oasis. We were holding space for Mother Earth and HUmanity with our hearts, souls and beings. In the beingness of Oneness with All of Creation and the miracle of life. This session and the kundalini yoga and deep breathing activated our deep cellular memories that surfaced for dissolving and clearing.

After about half way through the closing liberating meditation there was the appearance of a huge Archangel Michael floating above the Globe. He was both clearing the old and protecting the Divine pillar of light that was emerging from the Heart of Mother Earth. The word ”birthing” was given and then this gigantic sphere of light started to grow from the Middle Earth, rising and rising, growing and growing, encompassing the whole of Earth. Then the Seraphims appeared, extended their wings around Earth and it felt so Holy so it gave us the shivers through our bodies. Then the unicorns appeared to assist as well as the universal dragons and the animal kingdom, the elementals through out the world, continent for continent were helping to anchor in the Light of the Birthing Earth.

I heard disclosures are up. There were documents flying out in the open. I heard names of countries and continents. Archangel Michael was directing the work to clear countries off old conflict and war energies. I heard Africa, Madagascar, Bangladesh, Bei Jing, New York, Ukraine and many other countries were getting assistance. Also there was big work in the oceans. Children were held in a special Divine light energy and world resources were being prepared to be redistributed according to needs. I heard also Washing DC and Pentagon as well area 51 were up for major scrutinizing to be made public.

Also Quan Yin and Mother Mary appeared above the Earth, supporting with so much Love. The Vatican was shown and the pope just took off his mitre. He felt resigned. Least but not last I heard that the fall of Atlantis and what it caused in HUmanity’s generation was erased, released and healed.

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