June 23th, 2022

Clarion Call to the Team Kundalini

Dear family of love and light, Mother Goddess has designed a team of light workers and she called it the Kundalini Team. The purpose of this team is multiple. One reason she has established this team is to help Gaia's remapping process. She says that some of the team members carry Gaia's keys and codes. In the remapping process, these keys and codes are needed. Mother God invited these key and code carriers to join the team to help Gaia's remapping process.

Mother God says that there is a group of light workers whose mission is to reverse the aging process in this ascension journey. Mother Goddess will activate these light workers in our kundalini sessions so that the age reversing process can speed up. Kundalini Yoga is a form of yoga that works on our DNA and is efficient for rebirthing process. Light workers who practice kundalini Yoga will feel the effects soon after they start. Mother Goddess asks this group of light workers to join the kundalini team so that Mother Goddess will work with us in the process. And once the process is over, these age-reversing light workers will showcase their achievement to the world. Mother God has great expectations and confidence on these light workers. She says it is time to hurry up and get the process going.

Mother says that there are some critical light warriors, by design, who are in the kundalini Team. Their mission is very critical. There fore Mother God manages to get them to the team so that Mother and I will be able to know how they do with their mission and help them if there is a need. Mother Goddess says that these light worker's mission is about Divine government and Mother Father God. Being in close contact with the Divine is definitely needed. And joining the kundalini Team will make sure that they get the attention from the Divine and Mother Goddess. Once the Kundalini Team is formed, there are some of the kundalini Yoga sessions will be only available to the team members. Mother Goddess wants it that way so that the team will have a chance to develop fast and on track with their Divine plan. Mother Goddess asks light workers to meditate on this message and keep meditating on whether you are in the team Kundalini. There will be other Kundalini Yoga sessions available for nonmembers.

Gurudass and I will lead a kundalini Yoga session this saturday. Here is the registration page. Thank you again for joining us in the kundalini Yoga session.


Divine blessings to you always.

Linda Li. So it is.

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