June 24th, 2020

The Consciousness shift of Europe is done

Dear children on earth, I am your Mother Divine. I come today with news. The ascension of the European continent is complete. In other words, most of the countries and soul groups in Europe have ascended. The ascension of Europe was a success. Souls in Europe now are anchored in the 5th dimension and the process is closed.

Now, there are a few soul groups that are still in the ascension process. Due to their ascension speed and different ascension route, these groups have decided to stay where they are for now, and are waiting for the ascension portal open again to ascend. Collectively, these few soul groups are doing quite well. Their ascension journey was an interesting one. They not only ascended at a speed that was designed for a mediocre society, they also have decided to take an unique routine so they can be different from other groups. The end result was that they missed the group deadline. Their arrival is delayed. The portal was closed when they got to the gate. Now the Divine has decided to let these groups stay in the higher realm and wait for the next portal opening opportunity. These groups have their designated positions emptied right now. however, even though they are late, their territory will be intact.

Under the spiritual law of new Earth, newly mapped earth has been protected. Any territory that has a designated soul group needs to be occupied only by that soul group under any circumstances. In other words, all soul groups have their designated spot in new earth. And no one will take anotherís territory. That is the law of the new earth and all soul groups need to follow.

The ascension of Europe is completed dear ones. The entire process was quite smooth. Soul groups worked pretty hard and together, most of them ascended in tandem. Yes, there are soul groups that have special needs and there are also groups that ascended slowly. But because of the help from the Divine and the ascension teams, all soul groups were able to overcome hurdles and ascended.

The ascension of the masses was a success indeed. What is left now is to make sure that these ascended soul groups stay in the higher realm. It often happens that souls or groups of souls slide backwards if they donít stabilize themselves in the higher realm. The critical part is to stabilize and deeply anchor in their designated positions. Souls tend to move around and not realizing that moving around right after ascending can jeopardize their ascension effort, getting lost. Souls, right now, need to stay put, and adjust to the higher dimensional living. Living in the 5th dimension is a new experience for humans. The vibration is high. The atmosphere is different. The carbon dioxide has different functions. And the human body has a totally different atmosphere to adjust to. Some may have physical difficulties and it will take a great deal of getting used to. Others may have different experiences that they have never had before. The adjustment process can take somewhere from months to years.

Souls who have experienced the physical ascension need less adjustment. Their memories are in their DNA. They have memories from the past and these memories will serve as guidance for them. Young souls who have never before experienced physical ascension will need some time to adjust.Even though some may not have physical sensations, still, energetically, adjustment is critical for overall wellbeing.

In the next few weeks or so, the next step will start in the Western atmosphere. Europe too, will start the heavy releasing process. Souls whose mission are to release for their soul groups will start first. And the public will follow. The releasing is quite intense for the European continent, partially it is because the density in the land, and souls who are in the land carry a great deal of past karmas which need to be released.

After the releasing is done, the European continent will be the next one that goes through the remapping process. Mountains are in need of rearrangements. The huge mountain areas have different makeups. In this round of the rebuilding process, all of Europe will have to be reshuffled. Some mountains need to be leveled. Other regions may have to go down. The overall Divine plan is to make sure that Gaiaís new body is healthy and sustainable for the new humans and that is the design.

Europe has traditionally been dense, population wise. The dense population means overuse of Gaiaís land and waters. This time around, Gaia has decided to rearrange the populations a bit to make sure the land is being evenly utilized and waters are reserved for the good cause.

Gaia has mapped out what she wants the European continent to be in the new earth. The map will be available once Christ Incarnated starts his tenure. The Divine has also designed a number of healing teams to help the Europe to go through next phase.

The restoration phase can be very challenging for the countries and soul groups in Europe. The density needs to be removed. The populations will have to move around. Some low land areas will be severely going through changes and some will even totally disappear from the map. That is all according to Gaiaís design and Mother Earthís capacity. Rearranging of the planet takes some serious remapping and reshuffling. And humanity will have to work with Gaia to eliminate big damages.

Gaia has decided to go through the process with or without humanís consent. That means that humanity has to work with Gaia and the Divine. There is no other way around. Humanity has the planet for a short period of time and yet has caused irreversible damages to the planet. Now Gaia has taken the guardian role back into her own hands to fix the planet with Divineís help. That is what humanity has to realize, and working with the Divine and the company of heaven is necessary.

I love you dear angels on earth. The time ahead can be seriously challenging. The planetary ascension is going into a serious phase. Human lives can have tremendous changes once Gaiaís restoration starts. Take it with stride dear angels. Know the Divine is here. Your Father is here. Together, we are the ones who are leading the process and making sure that you, dear ones, live through this process and experience the most challenging soul endeavor that a soul will have in the universe. Take the experience and celebrate with joy. Know your journey ahead has been designed prebirth. Your soul knows what your role is and what the remapping process is like. Listen to the Divine within and work with the Divine. Help Gaia and humanity and be the warrior you always are. I love you dear ones. Go in peace. So it is.

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