June 24th, 2020

The United States of America

Dear angels on earth, I am your Mother God. I have news to share. The ascension of the United States has completely done By the mid April. It started in the spring equinox and lasted about a few weeks. Once all souls have ascended in America, we, the Divine have closed the ascension portal.

Now all souls in America have anchored in the 5th dimension. The entire country has totally ascended. Souls who have decided not to participate in this ascension process are departing. Some leave the planet sooner than others. However, all will leave in due time.

Besides the ones who don’t ascend are leaving the planet, there are also souls whose physical body does not accommodate the ascension process and these souls will leave the planet as well. There are quite a big number of the souls who depart and will depart in the next few years. The entire planet will have to go through this ascension process and that is the design.

Now let go back to the United States. Souls in America are all Divinely chosen. Every each one of the souls in America has a Divine mission. Their Divine missions are widely different. Some are for the planet. Other’s missions are for their soul groups or for the Divine. Each mission carries a part of the Divine plan, and together, they are the overall Divine plan.

Now some souls are immigrants in America. That is the Divine design. The Divine has brought all soul groups to the United States by immigration. In other words, all soul groups and countries on earth have sent their representatives to America according to the Divine plan. These souls both represent their own soul groups as well as America. They are the America, a country of all countries. The design of the United States is to be inclusive. The Divine wants America to be the melting pot so that all soul groups can join together for the Divine sake. In the beginning when the Divine created America, we have a group of souls who have come to form the government. This group are the Divine government representatives. Their actions are heavily guided by the Divine and Divine mission. In order for the country to be formed in a way that reflected the Divine will, the Divine have given a great authority to the souls involved to make sure that the country they were creating was for all soul groups on earth. That is why the constitution of the United States says that we are all created equal. And that is still true today.

Now moving forward to the present day America which has been hijacked for over a century. During this times, souls in America have lost their Divine connection within. The country has been on a power trip for the reason only the few know and understand. The power trip has taken America to the low density. Souls suffer a great deal. Their Divine mission has been postponed. Souls have derailed from the soul development. The country has gone wayside. The mission of America has totally destroyed.

Once the Divine have decided to come to bring America back to her Divine footing, America started to change. The ascension process also ushered in a brand new era for America. Despite all the wounds and hurts caused in the past, America now has ascended and releasing her past very fast.

Once the releasing process comes to a conclusion, the land of America will start the remapping process. The remapping will take years for the United States to be complete and the entire process will also bring huge changes to America.

The land of America is uniquely designed. It has ocean front throughout the country. The ocean front serves as the Divine protection for America, and it also creates big changes in the age of ascension. America’s landscape has to be remapped. The big part of the remapping is the coastal regions. The coastal regions are Gaia’s changes that are needed the most. Gaia needs a brand new ocean floor throughout the planet and the ocean floors run in to the coastal regions. Some areas may have more tear down than others. But nevertheless, all coastal regions have changes and these Changes are apparently needing preparation for the sake of minimizing the damages and huge losses.

The United States needs to get ready for the next phase which is coming. The restoration phase has its own unique challenges. Souls in America need to educate themselves and to be prepared for the process. The process is going to be intimidating for many. Some even give it up and just leave the planet. Of course, the Divine want souls to understand that giving up is not the route. Souls come to the planet at this time are for a reason. All souls here on the planet have Divinely picked for a purpose. There is no one came to the planet by accident. Mother Earth is a school for souls and not all souls have the privilege to come to earth. So hearing me out dear ones, your life on earth has Divinely significance. No one has the privilege to end the journey unless it is the design. The Divine has faith in the souls here and the Divine need the souls here to complete their mission for the sake of Gaia and humanity. It is extremely important that souls in America hear my messages and start to prepare yourself for the next phase, the remapping process which will start shortly.

In the mean time, America has been on the upheaval for a while. Souls feel the fatigue and that is understandable. The reason is because the Divine needs America to be freed. Souls in America need to wake up so that the Divine government can be accomplished. America has been on a journey of reestablishing herself. Souls in America have the need to understand that. America is the new Jerusalem. And America will be the spiritual center for the time ahead. The Divine has settled in America, so is the Divine government. Your Father God is going to lead from the United States and so is the Divine government that will govern from America.

America is going to be the most purest place on earth. America will have heavy Divine presence, and that is why the overall deep cleansing is needed in America. Once the clearing comes to an end, the next phase will begin in America. The Pacific Ocean is the first step. Coastal regions will need to prepare.

Pacific Ocean are the largest ocean waters on the planet. The entire ocean body covers huge areas and countries and islands. The Divine has plans for the countries and islands in pacific regions. The process is going to be step by step. Countries that are in the middle of the pacific will be impacted hugely. Some islands may be totally lost. Japan as a country will have to prepare for the big changes. Part of the pacific will have to go under the waters. Japan has islands that are designed to go under. Populations in Japan will have to move temporarily. Some may need to move to other countries for a while, others may stay in the country. The country of Japan will need to work with the other countries in the process.

Now, because the process will take years and even decades to finish, countries do have time to prepare. Some countries may need to start the preparations soon because the move is big part of the process. Coastal regions are also the densest regions in America. Souls need to move out and leave these regions for Gaia’s restoration phase. The Divine has called all souls in the pacific and informed souls about the upcoming changes. Despite the Divine calls, souls are still in denial and Gaia has done with that kind of attitude. She wants to start the process and she has determined that regardless what humans do or not do, Gaia’s remapping process will begin shortly. Souls who have heard the messages need to prepare and know that time has come. I love you dear angels on earth. I am your Mother Divine. Go in peace. So it is.

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