June 24th, 2022

Mother Father God will make changes to the planet

Dear family of love and light, the new earth living has so many of us feeling challenged and at some level, even lost. We seem to face ever-increasing incoming energies, and release never-ending dramas and deeply buried emotions, mental patterns and fatigue. As a light worker, at this moment in time, it is indeed very demanding and challenging. And some of our light workers even give up and choose not to have anything to do with the mission anymore.

The Divine sees the situation and the Divine knows it. The Divine knows how challenging the situation is on the planet, and the Divine knows how dramatic it is for us to transition to new earth and live as a new human. The Divine sees it all. Gaia sees it all. That is why the Divine has come and arrived on new earth.

Mother Father God came and are here with us. Mother Father God want to be here at this challenging and critical moment, they want to be here for us to hold our hands so that we can feel sound and safe while learning to walk on new earth as new humans. Mother Father God want to be here because Gaia needs them, and our light workers need and want to see them and be with them.

Mother Father God have heard the cry of us and are deeply touched by light worker's dedication and great work. Mother Father God are here so that they can watch over us and cheer us up when we are down. Mother Father God are here so that they can give us strength when it runs out and when we are discouraged in this spiritual journey. Mother Father God are here so that they, too, can feel the pain of human sufferings and they, too, can experience the ascension symptoms and know what we are going through so that they can give us endless love and compassion. Mother Father God are with us so that they know the pain that each of us is going through so that they can come and sit with us when that pain is unbearable.

Mother Father God are here. They are here for all of us. And they are here for humanity. They know what the planet is going through and they too, want this pain to end soon. Mother Father God are here so that they can, within the Divine plan, do something quick and fast so that the planet and all of us don't have to suffer this for too long. Mother Father God know that the chaos is too much for us and humanity, and we need solutions to end the chaos and live on new earth peacefully and in love with mother earth and each other.

Yes, our Divine parents are here. Our Divine parents know our struggles and desperation. They see the sufferings and they know the causes of the sufferings. Our Mother Father God want to help. Gaia wants and needs help. Humanity, too, wants and needs help. And our Mother Father God know it and we want to help. Mother Father God know the heart of suffering and they feel the pain. They are here so that they can do something to end the suffering and end the old sufferings.

In tomorrow's kundalini yoga session, our Divine parents, our Mother Father God will join us. Along with our participants, Mother Father God will make changes. Changes to the planet and changes to promote ease and ever lasting peace for mother earth.

Mother Father God invite you to join us in this important session and witness our Divine parent's power and the changes we all desperately want to happen on earth. Here is the registration page. Please know that the zoom link will be sent to you one hour before the session.


Thank you for joining us dear warriors of new earth. Time has come for the new earthers to live as new humans and walk as new earth warriors. Time is here and now. And your new earth mission is calling you.

Thank you. Divine blessings to you. So it is.

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